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  • Guide to Student Advisement/Registration

    Guide to Student Advisement form

    Registration instructions: 

    ·       Log on to MY YU

    ·       Click on “Faculty, Students, and Staff”

    ·       Enter your username and PIN

    ·       Your username is your unique YU ID number beginning with 800 or 999.

    ·       If this is the first time you are logging in, you should click on “reset my pin”.  You will be prompted to enter your username and YU email address.  A temporary pin will be emailed to you.  Note, you will be prompted to change your PIN once you have logged in.

    ·       If you have previously logged in, your PIN will be the numbers you chose after the first time you logged in.

    ·       Click on “Student and Financial Aid”

    ·       Click on “Registration”

    ·       Click on “Add/Drop Classes”  

    ·       Enter your Registration Access Code (RAC)

    ·       Make sure you enter the correct term and click “Submit”

    ·       Before you register you will need to locate the course CRN number (found on the course schedule).

    ·       Enter your course selections and click “Submit Changes”  

    ·       If you need to DROP a class, use the ACTION pull-down boxes in the “Current Schedule” area. Click on “Submit Changes”.

    Please note, according to the Ferkauf catalog, "Students must maintain continuous registration until graduation - including registering for research until the oral defense is complete."  This includes registration for Research Project I & II and Dissertation Planning.  A student who neither registers nor secures an official Leave of Absence for any semester is considered as having withdrawn from the school.

    Spring 2015 Grid
    Minors at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
  • Graduation Materials

  • Graduation Material

    In order to be considered for degree conferral, you must submit an Application to the Office of the Registrar by the deadlines listed below.  Doctoral students who wish to receive a Masters degree en route must also complete the Graduation Application by the appropriate deadline.  Degrees are conferred September 30th, January 31st, June 30th, and August 31st of each year.  In order to be eligible for a degree, you must complete all program requirements by the degree date.  For doctoral students, this includes but is not limited to completion of all required coursework, externships, internships, passing the oral defense, completion of all revisions, and submission of a research project/dissertation.  

     Applications for the January degree are due November 1st while applications for the June, August, and September degrees are due March 1st.  Degrees are only conferred when the Office of the Registrar officially confirms that all requirements have been met.  If a student does not meet the requirements for the date she applied, she must file a new application for each subsequent degree date until the degree is conferred.  Diplomas will be mailed to the address the student lists on the Graduation Application within 8 weeks of the degree date. 



  • Academic Catalog
  • Rating Forms of Student Performance

  • Clinical PsyD. Program Contact Information

  • Main Psychology Contact Office

    Main Psychology Office: 718-430-3850

    Dawn Basnight 
    Carolyn Murphy
    Enna Korik 

    Faculty Contact Information

    Lata McGinnAssociate Professor Director of the Clinical Psychology Program, PsyD
    Carl Auerbach, Professor 
    William Arsenio, Professor 
    Catherine Eubanks-CarterAssistant Professor 
    Shelly GoldklankAssociate Professor 
    Martin RockAssociate Professor 
    William Salton, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Clinic Director of the Max and Celia Parnes Family Psychological and Psychoeducational Services Clinic
    Jamie Schumpf,  Clinical Assistant Professor
         Director of internship and externship training in the Clinical Psychology Program, PsyD
         Assistant Director of Clinical Training
    Anna Van Meter, Assistant Professor  

    Katie Walsh, Assistant Professor

    Michael Wheaton, Assistant Professor
    Richard ZweigAssociate Professor

    The Registrar

    The registrar 


    Orey Brockington  

    Jeannine Englert, Assistant Registrar

    Dean's Office
  • Clinical PsyD. Student Resources

    Class Management Resources

  • Academic Calendar
    Angel provides a variety of "course support" features including an online curriculum, useful links, course documents of many sorts, communication tools including chat rooms, message boards, and e-mail access to classmates and your professor.
    MY YU

    MY YU: access your registration status, class schedule, grades, and personal information.  

    Writing Support: Grammar Guide and Writing Center
    Enrollment Verification
    You may obtain an official enrollment verification certificate at any time, free of charge, by logging into MY YU.  The verification certificate can be presented to health insurance agencies, housing authorities, consumer product companies, banks, etc., when asked to provide official evidence of enrollment at Yeshiva University.

    To request your certificate:

    ·       Log on to MY YU  

    ·       Click on “Student and Financial Aid”  

    ·       Click on “Obtain an enrollment verification certificate”.  You will be taken to the National Student Clearinghouse website in a new browser window.

    ·       Print your verification certification

    ·       To return to MY YU, simply close the Clearinghouse web browser window and hit the “back” button on your browser.

    Ordering your transcript

      Ordering and paying for your Official Transcript is now faster and easier than ever. All you need is a computer and a major credit or debit card. This works whether you are a current student or an alumnus. There is no registration required and there are no extra convenience fees. We have added a number of delivery options including regular and express mail. Now you can even have your transcript sent securely by email (please read important instructions and conditions below). Payment is handled online at the same time you order. Tracking options are available, including text messages to your phone.

    How do I get started?

    Most students and recent alumni will get to our form through MyYU. It is highly recommended you use MyYU as that will provide the fastest and most streamlined process. If you can`t use MyYU, that`s OK! There is an alternative link below the MyYU instructions.

    To log on to Clearinghouse Services through MyYU:

    1. Go to www.yu.edu/myyu

    2. Click on ‘Faculty, Students and Staff’
    3. Log in to your myyu account using your YU ID (starts with 800 or 999)
    4. Once you are logged in, click on ‘Student and Financial Aid’
    5. Click on ‘Clearinghouse Services’
    6. Click on ‘Click here to connect to the Clearinghouse’. This will open a new browser window. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker on your computer.
    7. Click on 'Order or track a transcript'


    If you cannot use MyYU:

    Please click HERE to access our form directly.  You will need to perform one extra step, signing a consent form, if you access the transcript form this way. The GOOD NEWS is that it only adds a few more minutes to the process and can, in most cases, be completed entirely online.

    What if I need more help?

    If you get stuck along the way in filling out the form you can always contact support in any of our offices. Should you need a more step-by-step guide to the process you can download such a guide here.

    About Ordering an Electronic Transcript by Email

    We are very excited to offer you a new option to send your transcripts which is faster and cheaper than our traditional methods, the Official PDF Transcript. There are some things to keep in mind if you wish to use this option.

    Please note: An electronic transcript is a specially secured image file of your transcript that is transmitted by email. It is not automatically produced by a computer and is reviewed for accuracy and security by our staff before being sent out. While it is faster and more convenient than paper delivery methods please allow up to a full business day after your order is placed for delivery.

    ·       FIRST AND FOREMOST... Always check with the receiving institution FIRST to see if they will accept an Official PDF Transcript. An increasing number will, but it is your responsibility to make sure.

    ·       You will be required to supply the email address where the transcript is to be sent. Do not assume it is the the general address on the institution's home page or the address of the registrar. Again, please check with the institution to determine the correct address.

    ·       If for some reason the transcript cannot be delivered, owing to the nature of email, you will not be charged. You can submit a new order once the institution has corrected the problem on their end. 

    ·       In order to keep the document secure, special security and rights management is applied to the files. This means, amongst other things, that the document has a special password and will expire after 30 days. More details about authenticating the document can be found here. You can share this document with other schools who may have questions about our Official PDF Transcript. We welcome any inquiries from other institutions that have further questions or concerns.

  • Training and Practicum Resources

  • Testing Library

     Contact the Testing Library

    Important Testing LIbrary Information:


    The Library
    • Book group study rooms at the Einstein Library
  • Student Governance

  • Program Representatives


    Program Representatives (reps) are appointed by the program director and serve as the liaison between faculty and students. The Program Rep position affords students the opportunity to give systematic feedback, receive information and feedback from the program about issues affecting the class, and offers a channel of communication even beyond graduation. Through the Program Representative, students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in group projects.


    Class of 2018:

    Class of 2017:


      Class of 2016:


        Class of 2015:


          Teaching Assistant (TA) positions

          Students also have the opportunity to be selected as teaching assistants (TAs). There are a variety of TA positions that provide students with the opportunity to gain administrative, research, and teaching experience as well skills to become leaders and managers. These skills enable our graduates to go on to leadership positions in hospitals, universities, centers and clinics.

          List of 2014-2015 TAs

          OPS: Organization of Psychology Students


          The Organization of Psychology Students (OPS) is the student organization of Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Each Ferkauf student is a member of the organization, and dues (student activity fees) are collected automatically each semester with tuition. These dues constitute OPS's budget.


          The organization's purpose is to provide Ferkauf students with information relevant to their academic and professional careers. Members serve to facilitate communication between students and administration/faculty, as well as student organizations and alumni by acting as a liaison between the groups.


          In addition OPS offers reimbursements for research and conferences and works to foster a sense of community, both within Ferkauf by sponsoring student socials and outside of the school by offering students the chance to get involved in social action projects.


          An Executive Board leads OPS. The Executive Board consists of no less than six members representing each of the Ferkauf psychology programs. The Executive Board is elected to a two-year term by the general OPS membership from each program except for the master's program representative, who is elected to a one-year term.


          Officers are chair and co-chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, social and secretary. OPS establishes a committee based on the varying needs and goals of Ferkauf students from year to year. Its structure encourages maximum participation by all students.
          OPS and its members shall not discriminate against any individuals for reasons of race, national origin, color, religion, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or disability.
          OPS Bylaws 


          Contact OPS 

          Executive Board Members:






          Student Opportunities

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