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    Expectations of the Online Learner

    Asynchronous online courses are different from the traditional face to face (F2F) courses you may have taken in the past. There are few, if any, times when the whole class meets together virtually at the same time. There is much more emphasis on the learner. Online learning is student centered. You are in charge. It’s up to you to get the information you need, test your knowledge and find new ways to apply it. You must be able to complete lessons and postings on time each week, and a grade of INCOMPLETE IS NOT PERMITTED as an option.

    It is important to read Best Practices for Online Learning (PDF).

    Access to Your YU Email Account Is Required

    Every Azrieli student is given a YU email address at registration. To find out exactly how the system has listed your name, go to www.yu.edu/findid. You will be prompted to enter your last name and your Social Security number (which is masked as you enter it.) When you have the information, you can access your email through Gmail (Google email) by entering your full YU email address as your user name and enter your password.

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