• Requirements

    Computer Science Major (Effective Fall 2016)

    For details, please click here for the current Computer Science fact sheet (PDF).

    Computer Science Minor

    COMP 1300C, 1320C, 1504, and one additional elective in Computer Science; MATH 1412, 1413. With permission of the department, a suitable elective in mathematics may be substituted for the elective in computer science.
    For an excellent example of student work, please take a look at this video highlighting a few notable semester projects from prior semesters of COMP 1300.  

    Effective Fall 2016 the minor requirements are: COMP 1300C, 1320C plus four (4) additional courses in Computer Science.  Please see the fact sheet.

    Mathematics Major

    MATH 1412, 1413, 1510, 1520 or 1523, 1521 or 1540, 2105. (The graduate course 5118 may replace 1523 and the graduate course 5127 may replace 1540); four additional courses in mathematics numbered 1500 or higher, and/or in computer science above 1300C; three correlate courses: COMP 1300C and two additional courses chosen from the offerings in physics, computer science and economics.  The same computer science course may not be used as both an elective and a correlate.

    Students interested in actuarial mathematics are advised to take MATH 2461, and 2462. For such students, ECON 1010 is a recommended correlate.

    Mathematics Minor

    MATH 1412, MATH 1413, MATH 1510,  MATH 2105, and 6 additional MATH credits numbered 1500 or higher.
    A mathematics placement examination is required of all students planning to take Math. Students must take this test before registering for MATH 1160 or MATH 1412.

       Detailed Mathematics fact sheet (PDF)

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