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Sarachek Set to Tip Off

Yeshiva High School Teams Across North America to Compete in YU`s Annual Basketball Tournament

The Science of Self-Defense

Yeshiva University Faculty Receive Grants from U.S. Department of Defense Agency

Examining The Effects of Aging at Ferkauf

In Professor Roee Holtzer’s Lab, Mentorship and Innovative Research Foster Impressive Student Publications

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This Week on YU

March 6 - May 1
The Kukin Lecture Series

March 8-10

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Exploring the Vilna Gaon’s Legacy

Revel Talk Sketches Complex Portrait of the Vilna Gaon

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Alumni News

CSL Alumni Dinner
Alumni News

Whether it’s in the field of law, medicine, rabbinics, technology, education and more, our alumni make an impact on both the world and their community.

 Learn more about YU alumni’s achievements in Alumni News.  



YU Maccabees

With 15 varsity sports to choose from—from basketball to cross country to fencing and more—YU’s Department of Athletics and Physical Education strives to offer something for everyone.

Students can also participate in a wide range of student-led club teams, intramural activities, a varied physical education curriculum and an extensive recreation program.

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