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    To be eligible for honors courses, a student must have Deans List status or, in the case of first-year students, have a minimum high school average of 90 and a minimum SAT score of 1200.  In general, honors courses are more rigorous and/or advanced than regular courses and have the following characteristics:

    • Involve a critical investigation of primary sources
    • Make use of and/or demonstrate current methods of field inquiry
    • Entail a heavy writing component (not merely summary thinking)
    • Stress analysis and original thinking
    • Require students to revise and re-write essays and/or other major assignments
    • Emphasize library and lab work
    • Deal with and/or encompass relevant theoretical issues
    • Require students to engage in independent research work

    Spring 2013 Courses:

    ARTS 1635H The New York Skyscraper
    BIBL 1090H Biblical Exegesis: Malbim
    BIBL 4003H Biblical Narrative
    BIOL 1012H Biology Principles
    BIOL 3521H Molecular Biology  
    BIOL 3750H Medical Biochemistry
    CHEM 1046H General Chemistry II
    CHEM 1377H Biochemistry Lab
    CHEM 1416H Physical Chemistry II  
    COMP 4500H Topics: Computational Methods in Scientific Research  (cross-listed with MATH 3301H, PHYS 1340H)
    ENGL 2600H Historical Approaches: The Prophetic Voice in American Poetry  
    ENGL 3675H American Playwrights & Their Plays
    JHIS 3105H History of Oral Law in Medieval Oral Law in Medieval Ashkenaz & Sefarad Ashkenaz & Sefarad
    JPHI 4931H Topics: Love & Hate
    JPHI 4933H Readings of Rav Soloveitchik (Examine the Rav's core concerns, abiding values and transcendent themes)
    JUDS 1447H Women and Jewish Law
    JUDS 1847H Advanced Talmud II
    JUDS 1848H Advanced Talmud
    POLI 2396H Topics: Mideast Security Strategies
    PSYC 3815H Cognitive Neuroscience

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