• Shoalim U'meshivim and Assistant Rebbeim

    Here at RIETS, we have a large and growing cadre of shoalim u'meshivim steeped  and assistant Rebbeim in Torah and ready to answer questions about learning, address issues that come up in the beit midrash and support each student's growth as a ben Torah. Superbly trained and passionately committed, shoalim u'meshivim guide, support and inspire our students every step of the way.



    Shoalim U'meshivim

    Rabbi Chaim Packer (Glueck Beit Midrash, 1st Floor)

    Rabbi Zvi Harari (Glueck Beit Midrash, 1st Floor)

    Rabbi Asher Leshem (Glueck Beit Midrash, 2nd Floor)




    YP Assistant Rebbeim

    Rabbi Eli Belizon (Rabbi Sobolofsky Shiur)

    Rabbi Yechiel Weiner (Rabbi Simon's Shiur)

    Rabbi Aryeh Westreich (Rabbi Koenigsberg's Shiur)

    Rabbi Yosef Yanetz (Rabbi Ben-Haim's Shiur)




    BMP Shoalim U'meyshivim

    Rabbi Etan Berman (Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch's Shiur)
    Rabbi Daniel  Elsant (Rabbi Etan Schnall's Shiur)
    Rabb Yitzi Klein (Rabbi Meir Goldwicht and Rabbi Yaakov Werblowsky's Shiur)
    Rabbi David Glassberg (Rabbi Shmuel Marcus' Shiur)
    Rabbi Yaakov Taubes (Rabbi Dani Rapp's Shiur)
    Rabbi Ari Pruzansky  (Rabbi Ari Ciment's Shiur)
    Rabbi Michael Hoenig (Rabbi Yehuda Willig's Shiur) 



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