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  • Faculty

    Hayyim Angel, Lecturer in Bible
    MA, Azriel, Ordination, RIETS 

    Brent Baer, Public Speaking Coach
    BBA, George Washington University 

    Norman Blumenthal, lecturer in Pastoral Counseling
    MA, PhD, Adelphi University  

    Kenneth Brander, lecturer, Rabbinic Training Program
    The David Mitzner Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future
    MA, Ordination, RIETS,

    Robert Gedaliah, Public Speaking Coach
    B.A. LIU, M.A. Brooklyn College 

    John Anthony Krug, adjunct lecturer in Pastoral Psychology.
    BA, MA, MS, PsyD, Yeshiva University; ordination, RIETS.

    Irving Levitz, adjunct lecturer, Rabbinic Training Program.
    Carl and Dorothy Bennett Chair in Pastoral Counseling.
    BA, MHL, PhD, Yeshiva University; MA, New School for Social Research; ordination, RIETS.

    Haskel Lookstein, lecturer, Rabbinic Training Program.
    Dr. Joseph H. Lookstein Chair in Homiletics.
    MA, PhD, Yeshiva University; ordination, RIETS.

    Daniel Mann, lecturer in Jewish Law.
    BA, Yeshiva University, ordination, RIETS; Yadin Yadin ordination, Eretz Hemdah Institute.

    Leslie Newman, adjunct lecturer in Rabbinic Writing.
    AB, MA, Brown University; JD, Boston University School of Law. Boston, MA.

    David Pelcovitz, lecturer in Pastoral Counseling.
    BA, MS, Brooklyn College; PhD, University of Pennsylvania.

    Menachem Penner, lecturer in Rabbinic Training Program.
    Max and Marion Grill Dean of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and Undergraduate Torah Studies
    BA, Yeshiva University; ordination, RIETS.

    Adam Miller, Lecturer in Pastoral Psychology
    BA, Psy.D, Yeshiva University; ordination, RIETS

    Uri Orlian, coordinator, Contemporary Jewish Law
    BA, Yeshiva University, Ordination, BMG 

    Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff, lecturer in Responsa Literature and Jewish Thought.
    BA, MA, PhD. Yeshiva University; ordination, RIETS.

    Avi Sarfaty, Coordinator, Sephardic Halacha
    BA, Yeshiva University, ordination, RIETS.

    David Schnall, lecturer in Group Facilitation.
    Dean, Azrieli Graduate School of Education and Administration.
    BA, MS, Yeshiva University; MA, PhD, Fordham University.

    Gideon Shloush, coordinator, StoneYear Internship Program.
    BA, Yeshiva University; MBA, Baruch College; ordination, RIETS.

    Daniel Stein, coordinator, 4th year Halacha Le'maaseh Program.
    BA, Yeshiva University; ordination, RIETS.

    Neal Turk, Director of Professional Rabbinics
    MA, Azrieli; Ordination, RIETS

    Mark Wildes, adjunct lecturer, Rabbinic Training Program.
    BA, Yeshiva University; JD, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law; ordination, RIETS.

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