• Doctor of Philosophy

  • Requirements

    Credit Requirement

    Forty-two credits beyond those accepted for the Master of Arts degree apportioned as follows:

    • 18 credits in the major, at least 3 of which must be in a doctoral seminar or the equivalent
    • 6 credits in a related field of general studies, selected in consultation with the dean and adviser in the field of concentration
    • 6 additional credits in or out of the field of concentration to be determined in consultation with the faculty adviser
    • 6 credits (Subject) 9978 Doctoral Planning, consisting of preparation for doctoral examinations and formulation of a dissertation topic
    • If additional semesters are needed for doctoral planning, students register for (Subject) 9979 Doctoral Planning II
    • 6 credits of (Subject) 9981 Doctoral Research
    • If additional semesters of residence are required, students register for (Subject) 9982 Doctoral Research II

    In addition to the 42 credits, a student may be required by the faculty of a given concentration to master particular skills or areas of knowledge deemed necessary for the doctoral research.

    Residence Requirement

    Setting aside the 12 credits of doctoral planning and research, the PhD program consequently requires 30 course credits beyond the Master of Arts degree. Twenty four of these must be taken at the school or by prior arrangement with the school. It follows that up to 6 credits may be transferred toward the PhD degree from other institutions. These must be doctoral-level courses taught in accredited graduate programs.

    Since up to 6 credits may also be transferred toward the Master of Arts degree, a student accepted into the doctoral program who has taken graduate courses in another institution but has not received a master's degree recognized by Revel may transfer up to 12 credits toward the 72-credit requirement. At least six of these must be doctoral-level courses, while the remaining six may be master's-level courses. The applicability of a course to the Revel doctoral program is determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Full-Time Residency

    For students taking coursework, at least 9 credits each semester are required for full-time status. The dean may certify students in doctoral planning or doctoral research as full-time irrespective of the number of credits for which they are registered.

    Language Examinations

    The student must pass examinations in French and German, administered or approved by the School, before the approval of a doctoral proposal. With permission of the faculty advisor and the Dean, a research language may be substituted for one of these.

    Field Examinations

    Upon completing all coursework, the student must pass comprehensive examinations testing:

    • A broad knowledge of the field of concentration.
    • Knowledge of areas of general and/or Jewish studies related to the field of concentration.
    • In some concentrations, skill and ability to handle primary sources.

    These examinations are based on knowledge of the primary and secondary literature.

    Dissertation Requirement

    As a first step, the student meets with a sponsor to develop a potential topic; then the dean in consultation with the sponsor chooses an additional reader of the proposal to further monitor the beginnings of research. Out of these consultations will emerge a formal proposal that will be submitted to the faculty for approval.

    When a proposal has been approved, the dean, in consultation with the sponsor and the faculty, appoints an appropriate dissertation committee. At this time, the student must also meet with an appropriate member of the Office of the Registrar concerning the proper format for the dissertation.

    After the dissertation has been completed and approved by the dissertation committee, a defense is scheduled.

    Student Progress

    The typical progression of studies for full-time doctoral students would be roughly as follows:

    For students who enter with a master's degree:

    First two years: the 30 credits of regular course work and at least one course of doctoral planning. At least one language examination.Beginning preparation for the field examinations. In some cases, passing those examinations

    Third year: additional courses in doctoral planning and/or doctoral research. The second language examination if not taken earlier. Passing the field examinations if not done earlier. In some cases, submitting the dissertation proposal.

    Fourth year: the remaining course(s) in doctoral research. Submitting the doctoral proposal if not done earlier. Writing the dissertation.

    Fifth year: completing and defending the dissertation.

    For students entering the doctoral program directly from college, the first year and summer should be devoted to completing the 30 credits normally required for the master's degree.

    Administrative Requirement
    • Approbation of the faculty and president
    • Filing an Application for Graduation during the registration period of the semester in which the student completes all requirements

    Please contact Rona Steinerman at steinerm@yu.edu if you have further questions.

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