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  • Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 
    2013-2014 Academic Year
    Summer 2014—scroll down




    Registration Fee


    Student Activity Fee


    University Fee


    Total Tuition and Fees (all students)


    Meal Plan Basic     


    WILF HOUSING (visit http://yu.edu/student-life/housing/men)




    Rubin 3 Bed


    Rubin 2 Bed




    Comprehensive Fee Resident Students


    Muss (Basic Meal Plan)


    Rubin 3 Bed (Basic Meal Plan)


    Rubin 2 Bed (Basic Meal Plan)


    Morgenstern (Basic Meal Plan)


    BEREN HOUSING (visit http://yu.edu/student-life/housing/women/)


    Resident Students


    All but 35th Street


    35th Street


    Comprehensive Fee Resident Students


    All but 35th Street (Basic Meal Plan)


    35th Street (Basic Meal Plan)


    HEALTH INSURANCE (Required for All Students)
    For more information, or to waive out of the program, click here.

    $1,840 per year 


    Part-Time Tuition

    $1,280 per credit



    Summer 2014
    Travel Courses—To Be Announced
    Summer session I   5/27/14- 7/3/14
    Summer session II  7/8/13 - 8/8/11
    Tuition - per credit (Lab Fees apply)                        $500.00  
    Registration fee                            $25.00  
    Internship and Fee $225.00  
    Summer Housing    
    Per Session TBA  
    For both sessions I and II TBA  
    Non-Mandatory Meal Plan (per session) TBA  
    Session I: Expiration date July 3    
    Session II: Expiration date August 11    
    Payment  Options    
    Payment must be made in full prior to start of the summer sessions- Online by web check at www.yu.edu/myyu. In person at the Office of Student Finance (Beren Campus: 215 Lexington Ave, 6th Floor; Wilf Campus: Furst Hall, 1st floor). Financial aid is not available for summer courses.
    Summer Tuition Refund Schedule    
    Once you register for classes, you assume a financial responsibility. If you choose not to attend, you must drop your courses before the first day of class. Failure to do so automatically entails a financial obligation on your part.
    Summer Session                             Withdrawal by Refund
    Session I                                                              June 2 75%
      June 9 50%
    Session II                                                         July 14 75%
      July 21 50%
     For more information about Summer Offerings click here



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