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    ITS Helpdesk 

    Within YU: #6123 (pound, six, one, two, three) | Outside YU: 212.960.5294
    helpdesk@yu.edu and to open a ticket online: ITS Help (if you’ve never opened a ticket online, click here ITS Help Guide)

    ITS Student Support 

    Academic Computing
    Wilf: 212.960.5438 | Beren: 212.340.7772 | Resnick (Einstein): 718.430.2331
    labhelp@yu.edu (Wilf and Beren) | classroomsupport@einstein.yu.edu (Einstein)

    ITS Residential Support 

    Wilf and Beren (Manhattan): resnet@yu.edu | Resnick (Einstein): resadm@einstein.yu.edu  

    Office of the Chief Information Officer 

    Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 613 


    Operational Support

    Provides direct support and assistance to members of the academic and administrative community of Yeshiva University, on the Wilf, Beren, Brookdale, and Resnick campuses.

    Franklin Davis

    Lou Papas
    Manager, Academic Computing Support

    Academic Computing at Wilf, Belfer Hall 1315
    Phone: 212.960.5438

    Academic Computing at Einstein, Belfer B10A
    Phone: 718.430.2331

    Academic Computing at Beren, 251 Lexington Avenue
    Phone: 212.340.7722  

    Enterprise Systems

    Enterprise Systems supports the acquisition, development, implementation and operation of software solutions for the University and supports the computer structure necessary to operate these solutions.

    Located: Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 6th Floor

    Suzett Soler-Mcdine

    Network Operations

    Provides the University with the communication, computation, and storage infrastructure to meet the research, educational, and clinical needs.

    Located: Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 6th floor | Resnick (Einstein), Van Etten 3rd floor

    Larry Simmons

    Technology Planning

    Provides leadership and best practices to envision, request, approve, plan and execute programs and projects that benefit the University.

    Located: Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 6th Floor | Resnick (Einstein), Van Etten 316

    John (Jay) Savage, PhD

    Telecom manages the University's Manhattan campuses telecommunications network.

    Located: Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 6th floor

    Otto Carmelo

    Information Security

    Jorge Warman
    Information Security Manager

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