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    This webpage is supported by the NSF CAREER award grant DMR-1147430. The purpose is to make available codes developed by undergraduate students during their research projects. You will find detailed explanations on how to use these codes, as well as illustrations and suggestions for exercises.


    *) Codes for the work developed with undergraduate students Kira Joel and Davida Kollmar (2012-2013)

    "An introduction to the spectrum, symmetries, and dynamics of spin-1/2 Heisenberg chains"

    American Journal of Physics

    This Mathematica code in pdf can be used to

    (i) Diagonalize the Hamiltonian matrix

    (ii) Find the density of states and Inverse Participation Ration for all eigenstates

    (iii) Study the time evolution of different initial states

    (iv) Analyze the effects of the symmetries of the system 




    *) Codes for the work developed with undergraduate student Aviva Gubin (2011-2012)

    "Quantum chaos: an introduction via chains of interacting spins-1/2" (new version)

    American Journal of Physics 80, 246 (2012)

    (i) Density of states, level spacing distribution and NPC for spin-1/2 chain Spin-1/2 chain (Mathematica code in pdf)
    (ii) Density of states, level spacing distribution, and NPC for Gaussian Orthogonal Ensembles GOE (Mathematica file in pdf)
    (iii) NPC for 18 sites and 6 spins up (code in Fortran 77) .f in pdf
    (iv) Suggestions for exercises Extra Exercises

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