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    The Yeshiva University Undergraduate Dining Club Card is designed to give students greater convenience, accessibility, and money management in the Dining Halls, Facilities and Convenience Stores located on the Wilf and Beren Campuses. Here's how it works:

    To Become a Member

    The Dining Club Card is mandatory for undergraduate students. The current amount per semester is billed in advance as shown in the Office of Student Finance's fee schedule.

    Resident Meal  Plan:  $1700 per semester - with $250 available to use in the off premise dining program.   
    Non-Resident Meal  Plan:  $125 per semester, available to use in the off premise dining program. 

    Students not enrolled in the mandatory plan do have the option of a voluntary plan, which allows the student to put money on their card with a minimum deposit of $20. Voluntary funds may be used at both on and off campus locations.  Dining Club Cards are non-transferable and can only be used for purchases by the student whose name is on the card.

    Declining Balance Program

    The Dining Club is a declining balance program, which operates similarly to a bank debit card when a purchase is made. Each time the Dining Club Card is used to make a purchase, the amount of that purchase is deducted automatically from the balance of the account. Any balance in an account at the end of the first semester will be carried over to the second semester automatically. Any balance must be used by the end of the second semester, as there are no refunds. Any balance must be used by midnight of the last day of finals or graduation, whichever comes last.

    Up-To-Date Balancing

    The student will always know the balance in his or her account. Whenever a purchase is made, the amount of the purchase and the adjusted available balance is shown on the register's LED display and purchase receipt. Once an account is opened, it can be augmented at any time by additional deposits of $20 or more with the Office of Student Finance or at one of the PHIL machines located on each campus.  

    Off-Premise Dining Program

    Please refer to the details of the program here

    For more information about card policies and usage, please read the FAQs

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