• Office of Communications and Public Affairs

  • CMS Training Guide

    Below you will find a series of video tutorials to be used as supplementary training or for personal review.

  • Copying over content from Microsoft Word
    Edit a Page Layout
    Edit/Add a tooltip to a hyperlink
    Embed a YouTube clip on your website
    How to create a Flickr Account and Embed a Flickr slideshow

    How to create and modify a page alias
    How to create and modify an accordion on your website
    How to delete an item from the Library
    How to edit/modify a hyperlink
    How to fix line spacing errors
    How to insert a PDF on your website
    How to insert, align, and resize an image
    How to upload a PDF to the Library
    How to upload an image to the CMS
    Logging in to the CMS
    Requesting a new page for your website

    The form itself can be found on the CPA website, within the forms and guidelines section.

  • Policy

    The following presentation is a recording of the Content Managers Meeting which took place on in September of 2011. The purpose of the meeting was to provide content managers the opportunity to learn about policies and procedures that CPA has put in place with the launch of the new site. At this meeting we also outlined some of the next major developments for the web site. The presentation is just over 30 minutes in length. We ask that you please view the video in its entirety as it answers many questions regarding skills, tips, policies, and procedures in relation to the CMS.

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