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    Wurzweiler is currently accepting applications for our Spring 2017, Summer Block 2017, and Fall 2017 programs.

    Welcome to the Wurzweiler School of Social Work's admissions page. Our MSW program prepares students for advanced social work practice in casework/clinical settings, group work or community organization. The PhD program, designed for working social work professionals, further their education for scholarly and creative leadership in a wide variety of fields.

    By coming here, you've just taken the first step toward changing your world. Prepare yourself to be one of those people who make a difference: prepare yourself to be one of us.

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    See below for the information you need to apply. If you have any questions, contact the Wurzweiler Office of Admissions at 212.960.0810 or wurzadmiss@yu.edu.

    Please note that to be considered for the MSW/PhD program, students must apply also for the PhD program after completing the first semester of the MSW program.

  • MSW Program: Admissions Requirements

    Before you get started, please keep in mind that admission to the Master of Social Work (MSW) program is determined by the quality of the entire application and by a personal interview.

    To apply for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

    • A bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university
    • A baccalaureate grade point average of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale). Note: solid applicants with a lower GPA will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • At least 40 credits in liberal arts subjects (e.g., psychology, sociology, economics, political science, history, philosophy, anthropology, literature, music, art, foreign language) and a course in human biology
    • Demonstrated ability and motivation to perform graduate work
    • An ability to think logically and conceptually, and to arrive at mature judgments
    • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
    • Knowledge of the field and a demonstrated commitment to the values underlying professional social work
    • Personal traits suitable for the social work profession, including emotional maturity, concern for people, respect for diversity and capacity for self-awareness and personal growth

    Wurzweiler does not grant credit for volunteer work or life experience.

    MSW Program: Application Deadlines

    The Wurzweiler School of Social Work has rolling admissions. Applicants are currently submitting applications and receiving decisions for Block, fall and spring MSW programs.

    Wurzweiler is currently accepting applications for 2016 and 2017 programs.

    • The priority deadline for our MSW Block program is April 1
    • The priority deadline for MSW fall program is June 1
    • The priority deadline for MSW spring program is December 15      

    After those priority dates, we will continue to accept applications only as space is available.

    MSW Program: Applying

    In order to apply to our MSW degree program, please complete and submit the following:


    • Personal Statement
      This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself, your interests and your experiences that have led you to choose a graduate social work education. It is a very important component of your application and will be evaluated for content and the quality of your writing. Please make sure to answer all three of the required questions. The complete document should consist of a maximum of five double-spaced pages.
    • Three letters of reference
      References should be from persons who know you well enough to evaluate your potential for the field of social work. One of the three letters should come from your most recent job or volunteer supervisor. If you are currently a student, one reference should be from a faculty adviser or instructor. All references should know you in a professional context.

      You may submit your letters of recommendation online or via regular mail. The online method usually expedites our receipt of the recommendation. Downloadable letter of recommendation request forms are provided. If sent by regular mail, please indicate your retention or waiver of your right to access before giving this form to those providing references. The recommender must seal the envelope and sign across the seal before submitting.
    • Transcripts
      Please submit sealed copies of official transcript(s) of all previous colleges you have attended. Transcripts should be mailed to Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler Office of Admissions, 2495 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10033.
    • Advanced Standing Program
      Submit final field work evaluation from your BSW program. In addition, one of your three letters of reference should be from the director of your BSW program or your faculty adviser addressing your readiness for advanced standing.
    • Transfer Student
      Transfer applicants need to provide all of the regular required materials, but one of the three reference letters should be from a current or former MSW program faculty adviser addressing the transfer applicant's academic standing. In addition, transfer applicants must provide their final field work evaluation. Transfer students from an accredited MSW program can receive a maximum credit for up to one full year (28 credits).
    • International Students
      Application Fee
    • The $50 application fee may be submitted online  by credit card. Please note that this fee is nonrefundable.



    To stay informed or for further information, please fill out this inquiry form


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  • PhD Program: Admissions Requirements

    Admission to the PhD in Social Welfare program at Wurzweiler is determined by the quality of the entire application, as well as by two/three personal interviews when feasible.

    Application materials are held and are treated with confidentiality. It is shared only with those persons directly concerned with our admissions process.

    To apply for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

    • A master's degree in social work from an accredited college or university; other master's degrees in related fields may be considered for admission, but specified courses at the MSW level must be completed before enrollment
    • Intellectual competence, evidence by previous academic performance
    • At least two years of professional social work experience. Pre-MSW social work experience will be evaluated on an individual basis. The Doctoral Admissions Committee may waive this experience requirement for more recent graduates with an outstanding academic record.
    • Attributes suitable for scholarship, including conceptual ability and writing skills

    Applicants deficient in statistics will be required to take a prerequisite course, Fundamentals in Statistics, before an admission decision can be made. Any required prerequisite course work taken will not count toward the 60 credits for the PhD.

    PhD Program: Application Deadlines

    Applicants are advised to begin the application process in the fall semester prior to the year in which they wish to enroll. For the academic year, admission is on a rolling basis through April 29. Any applications received after the April 29 date will be considered for the following academic year.

    PhD Program: Applying

    The application process and requirements for the PhD program are extensive, but don't be intimidated. This is a major step in your life, and we want to make sure you're fully prepared. Please review the instructions below and if you have any questions, contact the Doctoral Office at 212.960.0813 or wsswphd@yu.edu.

    • Application for Admission:APPLY ONLINE. The application must be completed in full, even if you choose to attach a resume.
    • Application Fee: $100 (nonrefundable). Please make check payable to Yeshiva University and attach to application form.
    • Transcripts: It is the responsibility of the applicant to request a complete official transcript from each college or university the applicant attended. Please be sure that both undergraduate and graduate schools provide an official copy of your transcript to us. Transcripts should be sent addressed to the attention of Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Doctoral Program, 2495 Amsterdam Avenue, Room 907, New York, NY 10033 . If transcripts utilize a name other than that which you are using now, please indicate that name on the application. An applicant must request official transcripts even if he or she is a graduate of WSSW.
    • Letters of Recommendation: Three letters of recommendation must be sent to Wurzweiler. Letters must be submitted on the person's business letterhead (if applicable) and must always be accompanied by the Letter of Recommendation Form found in the Online Application

      Letters of recommendation may be submitted by the person writing the recommendation directly to the school. Recommendations may also be submitted by the applicant with the other application materials. However, if you choose to do this, each letter must be in a sealed envelope signed by the person writing the recommendation.

      When selecting your three references, there are several considerations in making your choices. The references should include your agency supervisor or director, a former instructor or faculty adviser and someone who knows your professional interests. The Admissions Committee values those letters that provide insight into the applicant's ability and achievement in social work to date.

      Almost every candidate merits praise for past achievements and deserves a prediction of future success. The letter of reference that describes the applicant only in such terms does not help the Admissions Committee to understand a candidate's unique qualities.

      Some candidates choose as references persons who are prominent community or public figures. This is understandable. For such a letter to be helpful, however, it is important that the persons selected have more than a casual acquaintance with the applicant and sufficient opportunity to have formed a sound judgment about the applicant's readiness to undertake academic study at the doctoral level.

      The Doctoral Admissions Committee will review every letter of reference as well as samples of professional writing in MSW or other graduate course papers, master's thesis, published articles, agency reports and so forth.

    • Graduate Record Exam (GRE): All applicants are required to submit GRE scores (verbal, quantitative, analytic and writing). GRE scores are to be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service. Request that score reports be sent to institutional code: 2636 for Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University. For questions regarding the exam, please visit the GRE website. Scores must be within the past three years from the date of the application.
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): International applicants whose native language is not English and who are educated primarily outside of the US are required to submit scores from the TOFEL. Our TOEFL institutional code is 7300. Scores must be within the past three years from the date of the application.
    • Personal Statement: A typewritten, double-spaced supplementary personal statement of about 3-5 pages must accompany your application. It should (1) Explain your motivation for and expectations of doctoral education in social welfare; (2) Include particular assets that you would bring to the school and to the profession, as well as areas in which you would most like to grow academically and professionally; and (3) Wherever possible, specify your learning objectives, areas of academic interest and career goals.
    • Interviews: After you have submitted a completed application and all materials (including GRE sores) are received, you will be notified for an interview. When feasible, two to three in-person interviews are scheduled for all applicants. Out-of-state applicants may be interviewed by phone.

    A decision regarding admission will be made as shortly as feasible thereafter; admission is rotating and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Please note: The interviewing process for the upcoming academic year will begin in October.

    Students are admitted only for the fall semester. There are only a limited number of places available in each entering class. After these places are filled, a waiting list is established. Interested persons should apply as early as possible.

    Contact Us

    For more information about our program or to schedule an admissions interview, please contact the Doctoral Office at 212.960.0813 or wsswphd@yu.edu.

  • Application Tips

    Here are a few easy steps to remember when applying to Wurzweiler:

    • Apply as early as possible
    • Review the criteria for admission prior to submitting the application
    • Provide an academic recommendation if possible (i.e., from someone who managed a setting or supervised the applicant in a human-service-related paid, volunteer, internship or research services environment)
    • Fully complete the work experience section
    • Answer all three (3) questions on the Personal Statement
    • Thoroughly proofread the Personal Statement, prior to submission
    • For financial assistance, complete and submit the FAFSA at the earliest date possible

    You can contact the Wurzweiler Office of Admissions at 212.960.0810 or wurzadmiss@yu.edu.

    Equal Opportunity

    Yeshiva University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in admission and other facets of its educational programs and activities. The University encourages applications from qualified students of diverse backgrounds without regard to sex, religion, age, race, sexual preference, handicap, color, or national origin, within the meaning of applicable law.

    Visiting Wurzweiler

    If you are a prospective student who would like to visit our campus, please call 212.960.0800 or email us.

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