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  • Red Sarachek Basketball Tournament 2017

    Thursday, March 2nd – Monday, March 6th, 2017


    A highlight of the YU year, the annual Red Sarachek tournament is the country's most prestigious tournament for Jewish high school basketball teams. Each year, hundreds of student-athletes and their fans from schools across the United States and Canada gather at Yeshiva University for four days of top-level competition and community-wide celebration.

    In addition to being an exciting event, the tournament is a great opportunity to visit and learn about YU. Click here to view photos of the 2016 tournament.

    The tournament will consist of 20 schools. Spots will be allocated as follows:

    • Yeshiva University High School (tournament host)
    • The school with the best tournament record over the past 7 years
    • The two top teams in the Metropolitan Yeshiva High School League (MYHSL)
    • Five discretionary selections (one reserved for the MYHSL)
    • Balance of teams chosen by lottery

    The tournament is divided into four tiers, each with its own champion.

    The three-year cycle for lottery participation will be continued as follows:

    • Any qualified school that participates in the lottery each year may play no more than twice in three years
    • A school that does not qualify by the rule above may still get in with a discretionary selection
    • Over the past five years, this format has allowed more than 40 different schools to participate in the tournament

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