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    The YU Summer 2014 Program offers a diverse and broad array of courses. This year's offerings include courses on the new curriculum (Foundations courses for SCW students and Core courses for YC students) as well as Syms courses and electives and requirements in a variety of majors.  

    These courses, available at both the Wilf Campus and Beren campuses, are open to all YU undergraduates as well as to students at other universities. YU undergraduates also have the opportunity to participate in exciting honors travel courses.

    2014 Program Dates
    Session I: May 27–July 3
    Session II: July 8–August 11

    2014 Summer Calendar and Course Offerings

    Click here to see the calendar for the two 2014 summer sessions (PDF).

    For registration instructions and a complete course schedule at YU's New York City campuses, as well as honors travel course offerings, see "Undergraduate Schedules." Please see the “Notes” column for the specific location and time of each course, as well as the category a given course fulfills at YU.

    Additional information is as follows. Please contact Professor Gillian Steinberg at gsteinbe@yu.edu if you have any questions.

  • Course Offerings for Summer 2014

    The following courses are available for the Summer 2014 Sessions:

    Session 1 (5/27-7/3)

    Online course: Principles of Accounting I

     Beren Campus Courses:

    Morning (10:00-12:00):

    General Chemistry I (9:30-12:00)

    Monsters and Manners

    Beginning Painting

    Calculus I (9:30-12:00)

    American Cultural History: Foreign Encounters, Travel, and Tourism

    Science Fundamentals and Applications

    Afternoon (1:00-3:00):

    General Chemistry I Lab (1:00-4:10)

    Speech Communication

    Holocaust and Rescue

    Sense of Music

    Wilf Campus Courses:

    Morning (10:00-12:00):

    Principles of Accounting II

    Principles of Marketing


    Fundamentals of Political Science

    The Arch of Titus:  Between Rome and Jerusalem 

    Elementary Spanish I

    Diaspora Literature

    Nietzsche and the Art of Philosophy

    Physics I (9:30-12:00)

    Intermediate French I

     Afternoon (1:00-3:00)

    Principles of Finance

    Intermediate Accounting I

    Ethics of the Use of Force in the 21st Century

    Introduction to Computer Science

    Intermediate Spanish I

    Medical Spanish

    Law and Society

    Asian Literatures

    Ancient History

    Introduction to Bible

    Physics Lab I (12:45-3:00 or 3:15-5:30)

    New!  Evening class:(6:00-8:15)

    Medieval Jewish History


    Session 2 (7/8-8/11)

    Beren Campus:

    Morning (10:00-12:00):

    General Chemistry II (9:30-12:00)

    Film Adaptation

    Ethnic Conflict and Genocide

    Afternoon (1:00-3:00):

    General Chemistry II Lab (1:00-4:10)

    Introduction to Computer Design

    Speech Communication

    Humor in American Literature

    NEW! Evening course (6:00-8:30):

    Survey of United States History

    Wilf Campus:

    Morning (10:00-12:00):

    Elementary Spanish II

    Intermediate French II

    Physics II (9:30-12:00)

    Prophecies of Consolation

    Afternoon (1:00-3:00):

    Intermediate Accounting II

    Introduction to Psychology (2:00-4:00)

    Physics II Lab (12;45-3:00 or 3:15-5:30)


    For full details on each given course, please see the registrar's course catalog.

    2014 Tuition

    The per-credit summer tuition rate for classes taken on campus is $500, plus a $25 registration fee. Normal lab fees apply. See "Undergraduate Tuition and Fees" for more details. Please note that this rate does not apply to the honors summer travel courses and the summer internship program at Bar-Ilan University.

    Payment in full for all summer courses must be made prior to the completion of your registration.

    Visiting/Nonmatriculated Students

    Visiting/nonmatriculated students are welcome to apply for summer courses. Complete the Transient Student Application (PDF).


    Summer housing is available to all registered summer students, YU undergraduates and RIETS students for Summer Session I and/or Summer Session II. Additionally, YU undergraduates who will be involved in academic and professionally related pursuits over the summer may apply for housing.  Housing at the Washington Heights campus costs $800 per summer session or $1500 for the full summer.  Housing at the midtown campus costs $1000 per summer session or $1900 for the full summer.

    Beren Campus—Women
    Students approved for summer housing will be placed in luxury apartments on 35th Street. This air-conditioned dormitory offers beautiful apartments and full kosher kitchens. For information, see "Women's Housing," email rkraut@yu.edu or call 212.340.7795.

    Wilf Campus—Men
    Students approved for summer housing will be placed in Morgenstern Residence Hall. Each room is an air-conditioned double. Morgenstern Residence Hall also has a renovated lounge, computer lab and game room. For information, see "Men's Housing," email wilfhousing@yu.edu, call 212.960.5249, or stop by Rubin Hall, Suite 106.

  • 2014 Travel Courses

    Stern College for Women
    The S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program at Stern College is offering an exciting travel course: an archaeological dig in Israel. The course, which fulfills a YC BIB (non-honors) requirement, takes place in New York City and Tell es-Safi/Gath and runs from June 23–July 25. The course is open to YC and SCW students, both Honors and non-Honors. The cost of this program is $3,000 plus airfare, which includes room and board in Israel and tuition for three academic credits.

    For more information on Tell es-Safi/Gath program, contact Professor Jill Katz at jckatz@yu.edu.

    Topics: Art and Revolution in Paris offers the unique opportunity to study the relation of art and revolution in the city of Paris. Combining an art historian’s attention to contextual interpretation and a political scientist’s concern with the complex nature of political revolutions, we will visit museums and now-standard tourist destinations to see how they are infused with significance as sites and symbols of the French revolutionary tradition. This course fulfills ARTS or POLI requirements at Stern College.

    For more information about the Paris program, contact Professor Marnin Young at myoung2@yu.edu.

    Yeshiva College
    The Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program will offer two co-requisite Honors courses in Core categories (NAWO and INTC) that include two weeks in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Please check back soon for more information or contact Dr. Gabriel Cwilich directly at Cwilich@yu.edu.

    2014 Bar-Ilan Summer Science Research Internships for YU Science Majors

    This program runs from June 23 until August 11 at Bar-Ilan University and includes hands-on experience, mentoring, and the latest scientific equipment in state-of-the-art laboratories. For more information, contact Dr. Ari Zivotofsky at ari.zivotofsky@biu.ac.il or read more about the program and access the application.

  • Apply: YU Summer 2014

    YU Summer Courses in New York City

    YU Research and Honors Travel Courses

    Yeshiva College: email Gabriel Cwilich, program director.

    Stern College for Women: SOCI 1212H in Tell es-Safi/Gath runs from June 29-July 5.  The course is open to YC and SCW students, both Honors and non-Honors.  The cost of this program is $3000 plus airfare, which includes room and board in Israel and tuition for three academic credits.

    For more information on Tell es-Safi/Gath program, contact Professor Jill Katz at jckatz@yu.edu.


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