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    Welcome to YU Summer School!  We invite students from across the region to enjoy the YU summer experience: exceptional professors, personal attention, focused learning opportunities, and great course selections, all in an exciting and vibrant New York City setting.

    The YU Summer 2015 Program includes foundational and general education courses, graduate school prerequisites, and courses across majors and disciplines, in both the colleges of Arts and Sciences and the Sy Syms School of Business.  YU summer classes are co-ed, affordable, educationally rigorous, and a great way to use your summer vacation to make progress towards a college degree.

    We now also have online options!  We know that you are busy, even in the summer.  Maybe you have an internship or a job, and you don’t have the time to sit in a classroom.  YU Global is proud to offer 13 fully online courses in a wide range of subjects.  These courses are available to YU and non-YU students." 

    Courses take place on both our midtown and upper Manhattan campuses.  We offer two separate sessions, with both morning and afternoon classes in each session.

    2015 Program Dates
    Session I: May 27–June 30
    Session II: July 6–August 6

    Full summer: May 27-August 6

    Additional information is as follows. Please contact Professor Gillian Steinberg at gsteinbe@yu.edu if you have any questions or want to learn more about applying to YU Summer School.  For more information about online courses, email yuglobalhelp@yu.edu.

  • Course Offerings for Summer 2015

    The course offerings for Summer 2015 are listed here, but full details can be found at the registrar's website under "Summer 2015."

    SU1 courses take place in the first session (May 27-June 30), and SU2 courses take place in the second session (July 6-August 6).  Biochemistry takes place twice a week over BOTH summer terms.  ST courses meet at the Beren campus, and YC courses meet at the Wilf campus, but students can take courses on either campus.  Transportation will be provided.

    SYM     ACC        1001        Principles of Accounting I    SU1    Crawford (online)

    SYM     ACC        1002        Principles of Accounting II    SU1    Crawford (online) FULL -- new section added in second session

    SYM     ACC        1101        Intermed. Accounting I        SU1    Hornung

    ST         ARTS      2511       Beginning Painting           SU1        Creede                

    YC         BIB         1000       Bible: Text, Context         SU1        Carmy                 

    ST          BIB         1096      Ramban’s Biblical Comm. SU1      Levine                 

    ST          BIOL      4023C     Microbiology Lecture      SU1        Schuck                 

    ST          BIOL      4023Y     Microbiology Lab             SU1        Schuck                 

    ST          BIOL      3728C     Human Physiology Lect   SU1        Amar                   

    ST          BIOL      3728Y     Human Physiology Lab    SU1        Bassman             

    YC          BIOL      4800       Intro Public Health           SU1        Potvin/DiLorenzo -- cross-listed with PSYC and SOC 

    ST          CHEM    1045C    General Chem Lect           SU1        Mintzer                    

    ST          CHEM    1045Y    General Chem Lab            SU1        Danley                    

    YC          CUOT/PHIL           Culture and Ethics            SU1       Carmy            

    YC          ECON    1031       Microeconomics               SU1        David  (online)  FULL -- new section added in second session               

    ST          ENGL     2792       Comedy and Satire           SU1        Nachumi  (online)  FULL -- new section added in second session         

    YC            ENGL/COWC         Diaspora Literature         SU1        Stewart

      SYM       FIN        1001       Principles of Finance        SU1        Mehl

     YC         HBSI/ POLI           Courts and Social Change SU1       Covitz (online) FULL -- new section added in second session

    SYM       IDS        1010       Intro. Info. Systems          SU1        Brabazon

    ST          ENGL     2601      Gender & Med/Ren Drama SU1   Grimaldi              

    YC          JHI          1300      Medieval Jewish Hist         SU1        Tabak                  

    SYM       MAR      1001      Principles of Marketing     SU1      Blekher (online)

    ST           MATH    1412     Calculus I                               SU1        Wolf                    

    ST           MUSI     1111      Sense of Music                    SU1        Dorn                    

    YC          NAWO   1001      Frontiers of Science         SU1        Zypman               

    YC          PHYS      1031R    Intro Physics Lect             SU1        Zypman               

    YC          PHYS      1031L    Intro Physics Lab               SU1        Rosenberg          

    YC          PHYS      1031L    Intro Physics Lab               SU1        Rosenberg          

    ST           POLI       2345      Ethnic Conflict and Gen.  SU1         Harris                   

    YC           PSY        3620      Intro to Public Health       SU1        Potvin/ DiLorenzo  

    ST           SCIE       1050      Science Fundamentals      SU1        Danley

    YC           SOC       2403      Intro to Public Health        SU1        Potvin/ DiLorenzo  

    YC           SPAN     1101      Elementary Spanish           SU1        M. Broitman                        

    ST           SPEE      1010      Speech Communication    SU1         Russell                 


    SYM         ACC       1002      Accounting Principles II     SO2        Crawford (online)

      SYM        ACC        1102    Interm. Accounting II         SU2        Hornung 

    ST           ARTS      1974      Masterpieces in NYC         SU2        Samu                   

    ST           CHEM    1046C    General Chem II Lect        SU2        Mintzer                    

    ST           CHEM    1046Y    General Chem II Lab         SU2        Werblowsky                    

    YC             ECON      1031      Microeconomics               SO2        David (online) -- FULL and closed

      ST           ENGL      2520      Lit and Cult Roaring 20s    SO2        Miller   (online) -- FULL and closed                

    ST             ENGL       2792     Comedy and Satire         SO2        Nachumi  (online) -- FULL and closed

    SYM        FYSM    1012      Business Comm.                 SU2        Russell  

    YC           HBSI       1008     Law and Society                  SU2        Kimmel                

    YC              HBSI/POLI           Courts and Social Change SO2         Covitz

     ST           HIST        2234    US Women's History            SU2        Mazza  (online)       

    YC          INTC       1011      Nietzsche & Art of Phil       SU2        Rynhold              

    SYM      MAN/MAR 3504    System. and Innov. Thinking SU2    Stern  (online)

     YC         MATH    1413      Calculus II                            SU2        Lam                     

    YC          PHYS      1032R    Intro Physics II Lect           SU2        Edelman             

    YC          PHYS      1032L    Intro Physics II Lab             SU2        Edelman             

    YC          PSYC      1010      Intro to Psych                     SU2        Schnall   (online)             

    YC          SOC        1160      Law and Society                 SU2        Kimmel                               

    YC          SOC        2301      Criminology                        SU2        Kimmel                

    ST          SPEE      1010      Speech Communication    SU2        Russell                 


    YC          BIOL      1376R    Biochemistry Lect             SUM        Mitra    


    2015 Tuition

    The per-credit summer tuition rate for classes taken on campus is still only $500, plus a $50 registration fee. Additional lab fees apply. See "Undergraduate Tuition and Fees" for more details. Please note that this rate does not apply to the honors summer travel courses.

    Payment in full for all summer courses must be made prior to the completion of your registration.

    Visiting/Nonmatriculated Students

    Visiting/nonmatriculated students are welcome to apply for summer courses. Complete the Transient Student Application (PDF).


    Summer housing is available to all registered summer students, YU undergraduates and RIETS students for Summer Session I and/or Summer Session II. Additionally, YU undergraduates who will be involved in academic and professionally related pursuits over the summer may apply for housing. 

    Summer 2015 housing costs:

    YU men at Wilf campus:  $850 for one session or $1600 for both sessions.

    YU women at Beren campus:  $1100 for one session or $2100 for both sessions.

    Non-matriculated men or women at Beren campus:  $1250 for one session or $2500 for both sessions.

    YU Women
    Students approved for summer housing will be placed in luxury apartments on 35th Street. This air-conditioned dormitory offers beautiful apartments and full kosher kitchens. For information, see "Women's Housing," email rkraut@yu.edu or call 212.340.7795.

    YU Men
    Students approved for summer housing will be placed in Morgenstern Residence Hall. Each room is an air-conditioned double. Morgenstern Residence Hall also has a renovated lounge, computer lab and game room. For information, see "Men's Housing," email wilfhousing@yu.edu, call 212.960.5249, or stop by Rubin Hall, Suite 106.

  • Apply: YU Summer 2015

    YU Summer Courses in New York City

    YU Research and Honors Travel Courses

    This summer's honors travel course will meet in New York City from May 27-June 12 and in Italy from June 14-June 28.  Students will earn six credits, three in Cultures over Time and three in Jewish History.

    For more information about this exciting opportunity, contact Dr. Gabriel Cwilich, program director.

    For more information on the 2015 Tel es-Safi/Gath program, contact Professor Jill Katz at jckatz@yu.edu

     These programs are open to men and women. 


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