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    RIETS Rabbinic Alumni is a century-old Torah fraternity that includes members of the pulpit and those in Jewish education, the chaplaincy (both military and health care), outreach and academia, as well as organizational professionals, roshei yeshiva [professors or Talmud], kollel fellows and the laity. The primary goal of RIETS Rabbinic Alumni is to link its more than 2,000 ordained rabbis to Yeshiva University, to RIETS and to each other. The following programs are geared toward maintaining a connection to the yeshiva and its faculty and facilitating professional growth. In addition, Rabbinic Alumni creates a social network, offers help during times of financial stress and assists the professional rabbi in dealing with new challenges.

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    Programs and Services
    • Various Yarchei Kallahs, conferences and seminars for rabbis, assistant rabbis and rebbetzins
    • Long-distance programming including Chomer Lidrush conference calls, professional rabbinic continuing education courses, monthly rabbinic webinars and long-distance personal learning courses. New for this year is the monthly “Shiur and Schmooze” with rotating RIETS roshei yeshiva, exclusive for Rabbinic Alumni.
    • Rabbinic Alumni sponsors Yemei Iyyun, alumni shiurim, and Shabbatonim, and co-sponsors the annual Yeshiva University Hausman/Stern Kinus Teshuva Lectures

    Rabbanan.org is an online resource center including drasha nuggets, shiur outlines, responsa service, webinars, access to YU’s online library databases (including Bar Ilan Responsa and Otzar Hachochma) and a rabbinic blog.

    Placement Services

    Placement, professional consultation, contract negotiation and conflict resolution services are offered through the Morris and Gertrude Bienenfeld Department of Jewish Career Development and Placement.

    The mission of the Center for the Jewish Future is to shape, enrich and inspire the contemporary Jewish community by convening the resources of Yeshiva University.

    Helping Chaveirim in Need

    RIETS Alumni offers confidential interest-free loans to chaveirim in times of need. Please consider donating to this important cause. Welfare Fund Donation Link.

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  • Rabbi Kenneth Brander

     Rabbi Kenneth Brander 
    Vice President for University and Community Life

    Yeshiva University

    Rabbi Yaakov Glasser

    Yaakov Glasser 

    David Mitzner Dean

    Center for the Jewish Future  yaakov.glasser@yu.edu

    Rabbi Josh Flug

    Rabbi Josh Flug

    Director, Torah Research

    Rabbi Naphtali Lavenda

    Rabbi Naphtali Lavenda

    Program Manager, Rabbinic Programming

    Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter

    rabbi JJ schacter

    Senior Scholar, Center for the Jewish Future

    Rabbi Ronald Schwarzberg

    Rabbi Ronald Schwarzberg

    Director, The Morris and Gertrude Bienenfeld Department
    of Jewish Career Development and Placement

    Mrs. Keren Simon Moskowitz



    Executive Administrator

    The Morris and Gertrude Bienenfeld Department of Jewish Career Development and Placement



    Noson Waintman
    Rabbi Ari Sytner


             Director of Community Initiatives


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