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    The following list includes faculty who teach at both the Beren (B) and Wilf (W) campuses.


    Norman T. Adler, University Professor (W) 

    Joshua Bacon, Associate Professor of Psychology (B); 
          Co-Chair, Department of Psychology

    Anna-Lisa Cohen, Associate Professor of Psychology (W); 
          Co-Chair, Department of Psychology

    Ido Davidesco, Adjunct Instructor in Psychology (W) 

    Terry DiLorenzo, Associate Professor of Psychology (B)

    Rachel Ebner, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology (B) 

    Robin Freyberg, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology (B)

    Aharon Fried, Associate Professor of Psychology (B)

    Bruno Galantucci, Associate Professor of Psychology (W) 

    Stephen Glicksman, Adjunct Instructor in Psychology (W)

    Edward Hoffman, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor in Psychology (W)

    Jenny Isaacs, Associate Professor of Psychology (W)

    Yair Kramer, Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychology (W)

    Gail Lalo, Adjunct Instructor in Psychology (B)

    Ariel Malka, Associate Professor of Psychology (W)

    Amanda Mitchell, Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychology (B)

    Marcel Perlman, Professor of Psychology (B)

    Eliezer Schnall, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology (W)

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