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    Please see the Schedule of Classes for the current semester’s offerings.

    In order to enable students to access the rich heritage of Jewish classical literature, all non-mechina students at the Wilf Campus must take 2-3 semesters of Hebrew upon their arrival at YU. 

    The appropriate 2-3 semester path for each student depends on his performance on the placement exam:

    Language Arts Track

    Grade on Placement Exam

    First Semester  

    Second Semester  


    1305 – Advanced Hebrew I 

    (meets 2 times per week)

    1306 – Advanced Hebrew II

    (meets 2 times per week)


    1205 – Upper Intermediate Hebrew I

    (meets 2 times per week)

    1206 - Upper Intermediate Hebrew II

    (meets 2 times per week)


    1105 - Intermediate Hebrew I 

    (meets 3-4 times per week)

    1106 - Intermediate Hebrew II 

    (meets 3-4 times per week)


    Biblical Hebrew Track
    Grade on Placement Exam   First Semester at YU   Second Semester at YU  Third Semester at YU
    D 1004 – Elementary Biblical Hebrew II
    (meets 4 times per week)
    1005 – Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I (meets 4 times per week)

    1006 – Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II

    (meets 3-4 times per week) 


    Most of these courses are offered every semester, but there is a wider selection of Hebrew -06 courses in the fall and a wider selection of Hebrew -05 courses in the spring. 

    Biblical Hebrew courses DO NOT count as Bible text courses toward the Jewish Studies requirements

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