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    Welcome to the Yeshiva College Department of English.

               We have high hopes for the English major—and for the students who take English courses.  In drawing us into direct, intimate encounters with other cultures and time periods—from classical Greece to medieval Europe to the U.S. of the internet era; from Victorian Britain to the postcolonial Caribbean—literature opens up a better understanding of ourselves and of those who are different from us; in an era of globalization, it enlarges our world.  In introducing us to the range of forms— poetry; fiction; nonfiction; drama; film; and the innovations of the digital age—in which human beings continue, after centuries, to come to language, English courses enlarge our vision of the complexity and richness of human culture and achievement.

               As increasingly sophisticated readers of literature, students in the English Department learn to read attentively, deeply, and with curiosity and pleasure.  And as increasingly skillful writers, our students develop precious strengths, prized in every profession:  the ability to think analytically and creatively and to express themselves with clarity and power.  In the English classroom students and faculty continue to come together over text as a source of lifelong intellectual engagement, and of surprise and wonder.


    - Dr. Joanne Jacobson

Yeshiva University
500 West 185th Street
New York, NY 10033

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