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    The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.

     Neer Asherie, Associate Professor of Physics and Biology (W)

    Harvey Babich, Professor of Biology (B)

    Karen Bacon, Professor of Biology (B); 
      The Mordecai  D. Katz and Dr. Monique C. Katz Dean of Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences

    Bill Bassman, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (B)

    Zoran Budimilija, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (W)

    Vincent J. Chiappetta, Clinical Assistant Professor of Biology (W)

    Joseph L. DeSantis, Assistant Professor of Biology (B)

    Carl Feit, Associate Professor of Biology (W);
          Dr. Joseph and Rachel Ades Chair in Pre-Health Sciences

    Sumanta Goswami, Associate Professor of Biology (W)

    Marina Holz, Professor of Biology (B);
          Doris and Ira Kukin Chair in Biology

    Aaron Kogut, Laboratory Instructor in Biology (W)

    Brenda Loewy, Clinical Associate Professor of Biology (B)

    Mana Mirjany, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (B)

    Somdeb Mitra, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (W)

    Jeffrey Mollin, Laboratory Instructor Specialist in Biology (B)

    Yakov Peter, Assistant Professor of Biology (W)

    Barry Potvin, Professor of Biology (W)

    Samuel Schacher, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (W)

    Alyssa Schuck, Clinical Assistant Professor of Biology (B)

    Sondra Solomon, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (W)

    Josefa Steinhauer, Assistant Professor of Biology (W)

    Annabelle Suisse, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (W)

    Moses Tendler, Professor of Biology (W);
          Rabbi Isaac and Bella Tendler Chair in Jewish Medical Ethics; Rosh Yeshiva

    Margarita Vigodner, Associate Professor of Biology (B)

    Raizy Weinreb, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (B)

    Richard Weiss, Adjunct Instructor in Biology (B)

    Harriet Zuckerbraun, Clinical Associate Professor of Biology (B)

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