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    The Yeshiva University Environment/Energy Club, which includes students from Stern College for Women, Sy Syms School of Business and Yeshiva College, has several goals:

    • to initiate discussion of the relationship between living green and Halakhah as well as to promote energy efficient living
    • to encourage the reduction of the free world's dependence on Middle eastern oil, thereby putting both the United States and Israel in better positions of national security
    • to create awareness among students about the detrimental effects of excess waste and use of non biodegradable products
    • to encourage the slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in order to make a greener and cleaner tomorrow for generations that succeed ours
    Club History

    The Yeshiva University Environment/Energy Club, founded in 2007, began with a few individuals who had a common interest: The environment. They informally discussed the efforts that each had taken to green their communities but believed that their combined efforts could affect YU on a much larger scale.

    Now, the Club coordinates all of the student-run environmental efforts taking place on the Wilf (Washington Heights) and Beren (Murray Hill) Campuses of Yeshiva University.

    Through funding from the Student Council, the Environment/Energy Club has increased awareness and heightened understanding on the ecological issues that affect our planet today.

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