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    J-1 Exchange Students and Scholars are not allowed to work in the US unless the employment is a part of the contract from Yeshiva University. J-1 Visiting Professors can obtain permission to do paid lectures or occassional seminars outside of YU with their academic departements expressed permission. Please contact the OISS for permission to work before the start of any lectures or conferences at OISS@yu.edu  

    As a student in the United States on an F-1 visa, you are allowed only to work part-time on campus. After one year of study, you are allowed to do academic internships off campus. Employment opportunities in the U.S. for F-1 students are extremely limited.

    On-Campus Employment

    With an F-1 visa, you are allowed to work on-campus part-time while classes are in session and full-time during the winter and summer breaks. Once you have secured a part-time position on campus, you must:

    • Request a social security letter from the Director of International Student & Scholars Services
    • Obtain a letter of employment from the Human Resources Office of Yeshiva University
    • Take these two letters along with your SEVIS Form I-20 and passport to the designated Social Security Administration office to apply for a social security card

    You cannot apply for a social security card if you are not employed on-campus. F-1 students are not allowed to work off-campus unless for an authorized academic internship or a work authorization documnet from the Department of Homeland Security (See CPT below).

    Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

    You may receive permission to participate in a paid academic internship through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) only after you have been in the U.S. as an F-1 student for one academic year. You are allowed up to 11.5 months of academic internships during your degree program.

    • You must obtain permission to participate in the internship from your Academic Dean before authorization to work will be issued.
    • You must submit a CPT Application within two weeks of the start date of your internship.
    • The Director of International Student & Scholars will issue permission to work on an internship.
    • Once you have CPT authorization, you can apply for a social security number.
    Optional Practical Training (OPT)

    Students who are completiong a degree and have been in F-1 status for at least one academic year may apply for a one-year work authorization or Optional Pratical Training (OPT). You can apply for OPT 90 days before you graduate, however the deadline to apply is 60 days after the end of your last semester. Students graduating in May should contact the Director of International Students & Scholars after March 1. January graduates should contact the Director after October 1.

    Students applying for OPT are not required to have employment during the application process.

    OPT students cannot accumulate more than 90 days of unemployment during the one year period.

    Students on OPT with expired student visa's are advised not to travel. You will need to apply for a new student visa if your visa is expired during OPT and it can be difficult to get a visa renewal while on post-completion OPT.

    Students on OPT are required to:

    • Notify OISS of employer company and address
    • Notify OISS of any changes in address within 10 days
    • Obtain a travel signature on page 3 of the SEVIS I-20 every 6 months
    • Leave the US no later than 60 days after OPT expires

    For more information, feel free to contact the OISS at 646.592.4203 or at OISS@yu.edu.

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