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    Spring 2016 Calendar

     Spring Semester


    January 29th-30th, Parshat Yitro: Focus on Conversion* with Guest Speakers Rabbi Dratch, Bethany Mandell, and Aliza and Sam Konig



    February 5th-6th, Parshat Mishpatim: Sephardic Club Shabbaton with Guests Rabbi Dan Cohen and Family

    February 12th-13th, Parshat Terumah: BMC Shabbat*

    February 19th-20th, Parshat Tetzaveh: TAC/SOY Shabbat with Guests Rabbi Josh and Julie Joseph and Rabbi Josh and Srivki Weisberg

    February 26th-27th, Parshat Ki Tisa: FantaSciFi Shabbat*



    March 4th-5th, Parshat Vayak'hel: Psychology Club Shabbat*

    March 11th-12th, Parshat Pekudei: YUNite with Guests Ari Zoldan and Tami Adelson

    March 18th-19th, Sahbbat Zachor - Parshet Vayikra: Shabbat with Faculty*

    March 26th-27th, Parshat Tzav: Shabbat On Campus*



    April 1st-2nd, Parshat Shmeni: Shabbat with the Provost with Guests Dr. Selman Botman and Dr. Scott Goldberg and Family

    April 8th-9th, Parshat Tazria: Senior Class with Guests President Richard M. Joel and Dean Karen Bacon

    April 15th-16th, Parshet Metzora: MES and Honors Society Shabbat

    April 22nd-23rd, Pesach: No Shabbat Programming

    April 29th-30th, Pesach: No Shabbat Programming



    May 6th-7th, Parshat Acharei Mot: Israel Club and Bnei Akiva Shabbat

    May 13th-14th, Parshat Kedoshim: Reading Week in Shabbat

    May 20th-21st, Parshet Emor: Finals Week last Shabbat of the year


    *Women Only

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