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  • Summer Housing

    Student housing closes at the end of spring semester (Friday, May 23rd). But if you have been enrolled during the spring semester, you have some options for remaining in housing through the Summer.

    If you are attending Yeshiva Program/Mazer School of Talmudic Studies (MYP) or are in Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) classes on a full-time basis during ''June Z'man,'' or taking summer courses in Yeshiva College or Sy Syms School of Business, you will be able to remain in housing at a minimal fee.  

    To do so, you must complete the summer housing application available here or in the Office of University Housing & Residence Life (Rubin 106).

    If you have been in RIETS housing during the spring semester, you do not need to apply to remain through summer session one.


    A fee will be charged for all programs, even June Z'man.

    Summer session 1 housing opens: Friday, May 23rd

    Summer session 1 housing closes: Tuesday, July 8th at 11:00AM

    Summer session 2 housing opens: Tuesday, July 8th at 11:00AM

    All of University Housing closes for the summer: Tuesday, August 12th at 11:00AM

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