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Kosher dining and fitness centers on every campus. Guest lecturers such as Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Tommy Hilfiger. Student-run councils and clubs. Men’s and women’s sports teams. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful corner of the library to study or a jam-packed cafeteria to hang out with friends, you’ll find it here, at Yeshiva University.

Counterpoint Israel Summer 2016 

Counterpoint Israel is a summer program run by Yeshiva University. Each summer YU students travel to Israel to forge meaningful connections that will change the lives of Israeli teens as they teach the teens English, run a variety of workshops including art, sports and drumming, as well as travel on tiyulim together.

Click here to view a video about counterpoint!  

Counterpoint dates: July 3-26, 2016*
*Students are welcome and encouraged to arrive in Israel before the 3rd as the program will begin on Sunday morning. The program may end a few days earlier, but not before the 26th.

Cost of the program: $300, this includes all travel and accommodations. 

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Application deadline: February 21st

For more information, please contact Aliza Abrams Konig at aabrams@yu.edu


Wilf Campus Events

This week on the Wilf Campus:

Mocktails and Minutes
Tuesday, February 16 . 7:30 p.m.
Sky Cafe

Mocktails and Minutes 2.16.16

Beren Campus Events

 This week on the Beren Campus:

Chabura with Rabbi Bronstein
Every Tuesday Night

Rabbi Bronstein Spring 2016 Tuesday Night Chabura

MES Jewish Genetics Dinner
Wednesday, February 12
215 Lexington Ave . 7 p.m.

MES Jewish Genetics Dinner 2.10.16



Go Maccabees!


Our 15 NCAA teams need you: on the field and in the stands!

Shabbat Schedule  
Wilf Campus Shabbat Schedule
 Beren Campus Shabbat Schedule 

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