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Kosher dining and fitness centers on every campus. Guest lecturers such as Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Tommy Hilfiger. Student-run councils and clubs. Men’s and women’s sports teams. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful corner of the library to study or a jam-packed cafeteria to hang out with friends, you’ll find it here, at Yeshiva University.

Fall 2015 Orientation will take place from Wednesday, August 19th through Sunday, August 23rd.  For more Orientation related information go to yu.edu/orientation.

Wilf Campus Events


Shana Tova!

Join with Roshei Yeshiva and fellow students for Yom Kippur on campus! Click here for the Yom Kippur schedule.

Beren Campus Events

Yamim Noraim Programming
September 8-9, 2015

Yamim Noraim 2015 Real

Go Maccabees!


Our 15 NCAA teams need you: on the field and in the stands!

Shabbat Schedule  
Wilf Campus Shabbat Schedule
 Beren Campus Shabbat Schedule

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