Computer Science Minor (22 Credits)

    COMP 1300C, 1320C, 1504, and one additional elective in Computer Science; MATH 1412, 1413. With permission of the department, a suitable elective in mathematics may be substituted for the elective in computer science.

    Detailed Computer Science fact sheet (PDF)

    For an example of student work, please take a look at the video below highlighting a few notable semester projects from COMP 1300 (Spring 2015):



     Mathematics Major

    General Track: MATH 1412, MATH 1413, MATH 1510, MATH 1520, MATH 1521 or MATH 1540, MATH 2105, and four additional advanced math courses; plus three correlate courses chosen from the offerings in physics, computer science and economics. (PHYS 1041C, PHYS 1042C and COMP 1300C are strongly recommended). Students interested in actuarial mathematics are advised to take MATH 2461 and 2462. For such students, ECON 1031, ECON 1041 are recommended correlates.

    Computer Track: MATH 1412, MATH 1413, MATH 1510, MATH 2105, and four additional (4) advanced MATH courses approved by the Department Chair, including one of the following sequences:

    1. MATH 1520, MATH 1521
    2. MATH 2215, MATH 2216
    3. MATH 1320, MATH 1460 (COMP 1504 counts as an advanced MATH course).
    4. Also COMP 1300C, COMP 1320C, COMP 2113C, COMP 2545C, and two additional COMP courses excluding COMP 1504.
    Mathematics Minor

    MATH 1412, MATH 1413, MATH 1510,  MATH 2105, and 6 additional MATH credits numbered 1500 or higher.
    A mathematics placement examination is required of all students planning to take Math. Students must take this test before registering for MATH 1160 or MATH 1412.

    Detailed Mathematics fact sheet (PDF)

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