• Mashgichim

    Our mashgichim wear many hats based on their primary goal of developing meaningful relationships with students. They help students adjust to our challenging curriculum, support them in achieving balance in their busy schedules and engage them in dialogue about personal growth.

    The mashgichim also arrange chavrusos, give chaburas on a range of topics depending on students' interests and initiate programs that enhance students' religious experience.

    Senior Mashgiach Ruchani

    Rabbi Yosef BlauRabbi Yosef Blau
    BA, MA, Yeshiva University; ordination, RIETS
    Telephone:  646.592-4029; Cell:  646.530.1482

    E-mail: yoblau@yu.edu
    Office: Glueck 319



    Rabbi Ely Bacon Rabbi Ely Bacon
    BA, Yeshiva College; MS, Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration; MSW, New York University; ordination, RIETS
    Telephone: 917.623.4714
    E-mail: ebacon@yu.edu
    Office: Glueck 313. Glueck Beis Medrash Second Floor.



    rabbi blassRabbi Josh Blass
    BA, Yeshiva College; ordination, RIETS
    Telephone: 917.623.4711
    E-mail: blass@yu.edu
    Office: Glueck 314. Harry Fischel Beis Medrash (Zysman Hall)


    BMP Mashgichim

      MTW Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg
      BA, Touro College; ordination, Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg
     Telephone: 201 803 2749 
     Email: meweinb1@yu.edu
     Office: Glueck 311



     yehuda willig Rabbi Yehuda Willig
      BA, Yeshiva College; ordination, RIETS 
      Telephone: 646.509.9040
      Email willig@yu.edu
      Office: Glueck 611 

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