• Batei Midrashot: Israel
  • Batei Midrashot: Israel

    RIETS students can spend one of their four years of study at the Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Institute kollel in Jerusalem.

    Our Israel Campus in Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem, includes:

    • The Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Institute of RIETS, offering yearlong programs for chaver, semikha and post-semikha students
    • Programs for Yeshiva University undergraduates
    • Student dormitories and sports facilities
    • The Yeshiva University Israel Alumni Office, which provides outreach to more than 3,000 graduates in Israel

    The new beit midrash on our Israel campus is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Israel Miller, Z"L. Rabbi Miller guided the founding of the Bayit Vegan campus and established the Gruss Institute for advanced rabbinical study. He devoted 60 years of his life to the University, first as a student and then as an administrator.

    For Rabbi Miller, the beit midrash at the Israel Campus personified limud Torah. Every day hundreds of students spend time developing their learning and teaching skills, exploring the vast treasures of Torah and preparing for lives as professional and lay leaders of the Jewish community.

    The learning environment in the beit midrash continues to offer a microcosm of the devotion to rabbinic tradition and intellectual diversity emblematic of Yeshiva University.

    Beyond Our Campus

    Beyond the Israel Campus, new technologies are opening virtual windows to talmidim throughout the world enabling them to join in study through webcasts of daily classes that are taught in Jerusalem. The presence of Yeshiva University in Jerusalem infuses Israeli society with the values of Torah Umadda, the University's guiding philosophy.

    And soon, a new venture will extend Yeshiva University's reach by bringing recent musmachim to communities throughout Israel as leaders of satellite kollelim. Pilot programs are planned for Ra'anana and Modi'in, cities in which Yeshiva University alumni are well represented.

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