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    Core Faculty

    Joseph Angel, Associate Professor of Jewish History
    PhD, New York University
    Second Temple history and literature

    David Berger, Ruth & I. Lewis Gordon Professor of Jewish History and Dean
    PhD, Columbia University
    Jewish intellectual history; Jewish-Christian relations; Messianism and Messianic movements; Jewish attitudes toward general culture

    Mordechai Cohen, Professor of Bible and Associate Dean; Divisional Coordinator of Academic Jewish Studies, Yeshiva College
    PhD, Yeshiva University
    Medieval biblical interpretation; connections with Arabic poetics and medieval Hebrew poetry; Muslim jurisprudence and Jewish legal exegesis; modern literary approaches to the Bible

    Jonathan Dauber, Associate Professor of Jewish Mysticism
    PhD, New York University
    Kabbalah and Hasidism; Jewish mysticism and esotericism, interface between Kabbalah and Jewish philosophy, Jewish messianism

    Barry Eichler, Professor of Bible and Cuneiform Studies
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Application of Mesopotamian literature to the study of the Bible

    Yaakov Elman, Professor of Jewish History; Herbert S. and Naomi Denenberg Chair in Talmudic Studies
    PhD, New York University
    Tosefta: structure, aims, and relationship to the Talmudim; rabbinic theology; unfolding systems of rabbinic legal exegesis

    Steven Fine, Professor of Jewish History
    PhD, Hebrew University
    Jewish life in Greco-Roman times; art history

    Jeffrey S. Gurock, Libby M. Klaperman Professor of Jewish History
    PhD, Columbia University
    American Jewish history, with emphasis on social and religious history; modern Jewish history

    Richard Hidary, Associate Professor of Jewish History
    PhD, New York University
    History of the Rabbis and their Greco-Roman Context; Second Temple and Rabbinic Literature

    Shalom Holtz, Associate Professor of Bible
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Mesopotomian literature and law and their relationship to biblical and post-biblical literature

    Elazar Hurvitz, Professor of Bible; Dr. Samuel Belkin Chair in Judaic Studies
    PhD, Yeshiva University
    Halakhic and midrashic literature; Geonic literature; Genizah research

    Arthur Hyman, Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, Harvard University
    History of medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy; modern Jewish thought; Maimonides; Jewish ethics

    Ephraim Kanarfogel, E. Billi Ivry University Professor of Jewish History, Literature and Law;
    PhD, Yeshiva University
    Medieval Jewish history; history of halakhah; history of educational theory and practice; intellectual cross-currents between Ashkenaz and Sefarad; pietism and mysticism in rabbinic culture

    Joshua Karlip, Associate Professor of Jewish History
    PhD, Jewish Theological Seminary
    Eastern European Jewish History

    Aaron Koller, Associate Professor of Bible and Assistant Dean of Yeshiva College
    PhD, Yeshiva University
    Near Eastern languages, semantics and lexicography, archaeology and texts, intellectual and cultural histories of antiquity

    Jess Olson, Associate Professor of Jewish History
    PhD, Stanford University
    Modern East and Central European Jewry; German-Jewish history and thought; Austro-Hungarian Jewry; modern Jewish intellectual history; history of Jewish politics and nationalism

    Ronnie Perelis, Chief Rabbi Dr. Isaac Abraham and Jelena (Rachel) Alcalay Chair in Sephardic Studies; Associate Professor of Sephardic Studies
    PhD, New York University
    Jews in the medieval and early modern Iberian world; Inquisition and Crypto-Judaism; autobiography and travel literature; Sephardic diasporas; Jewish presence in Latin America

    Daniel Rynhold, Associate Professor of Jewish Philosophy
    PhD, London School of Economics
    Modern Jewish philosophy; Nietzsche and Jewish philosophy; approaches to Ta'amei ha-Mitzvot; the philosophy of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik

    Daniel Tsadik, Associate Professor of Sephardic and Iranian Studies
    PhD, Yale University
    History of the Jews in Islamic lands; Modern Iran; Shi'i Islam; Iran's religious minorities; Iran's Jewry

    Associate Faculty

    Joshua Zimmerman, Eli and Diana Zborowski Professorial Chair in Holocaust Studies and East European Jewish History; Associate Professor of History
    PhD, Brandeis University
    Jewish social and national movements in Eastern Europe; Jewish culture in Eastern Europe; Holocaust studies

    Senior Adjunct Faculty

    Elisheva Carlebach, Visiting Professor of History
    PhD, Columbia University
    History of early modern European Jewry

    Sid Z. Leiman, Visiting Professor of Jewish History and Literature
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Bible; history of biblical exegesis; early modern Jewish intellectual history

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