Sonia Suchday

Director of the Clinical Psychology Health Emphasis Program, PhD, and Associate Professor

In addition to being a director and associate professor, Dr. Sonia Suchday is also the co-director for the Master of Public Health program at the Center for Public Health Sciences. Suchday’s research interests include social and behavioral aspects of diseases associated with the metabolic syndrome—cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes. Additionally, she also does laboratory and ambulatory studies on cardiovascular reactivity to stress; the effects of yoga, meditation, social support and acculturation on mental and physical health; global health; and ethnic differences in outcome measures.

Current topics being investigated in her lab include the effects of the interaction of individual variables such as anger, forgiveness, spirituality, Type D personality and contextual variables such as socioeconomic status and globalization on health and well-being; the effects of an eight-week mindfulness meditation class on cardiovascular reactivity to stress, mindfulness and depression; predicting cardiovascular risk from level of acculturation; and the effects of social support on cardiovascular reactivity in Chinese immigrants.

Students in Suchday’s research lab are also encouraged to participate in international research. Several students have investigated topics in Israel and India. The Global Health course affiliated with the Institute for Public Health is one outlet for students to collect data from college students at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India.

Suchday attended the Jackson Foundation for Military Medicine; Allegheny University of Health Sciences, PA; West Virginia University; Connecticut College; and St. Xavier’s College at Bombay University.

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