• Clinical Psychology Program, PsyD

  • Family and Couples Therapy

    Director: Shelly Goldklank

    The Family and Couple Therapy practicum uses a psychoanalytic-systemic integrative framework, with a great deal of exposure to a range of systemic orientations. Students receive intensive supervision that includes both “live” supervision, through the one-way mirror in the classroom, and weekly offsite supervision with a senior systems therapist. This weekly supervision uses recordings of each of the student's sessions for the supervisory material.

    • Couples Therapy (Dr. Goldklank)
    • Couples and Family Therapy with Practicum I (Dr. Goldklank)
    • Couples and Family Therapy with Practicum II (Dr. Goldklank)

    Shelly Goldklank

    Family and Couple Clinic Coordinator

    Lina Pearl


    For inquiries, contact Lina Pearl

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