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  • YUNMUN XXVI: Letter to the Delegates

    Dear Delegate,

    It is with great pleasure that I, along with the Yeshiva University Office of Admissions, congratulate you on being selected to represent your school as a delegate to the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations XXVI. I commend you for accepting upon yourself the tremendous responsibility of this position. It is my hope that you take full advantage of this unique experience, and push yourself to expand your mind through exploring the complexities of the international stage presented to you here.


    YUNMUN will allow you to look at current world issues and to analyze and solve conflicts facing the international community.  You will become an advocate for your country's needs, ideologies, and opinions. This will require you to step outside of your own personal beliefs and examine issues from different perspectives. Through intense research and preparation, you will gain new understandings of the nuances and complexities that make up the global challenges of today.


    Model UN will empower you to step up as a leader to fight on behalf of your country's ideals. An issue that was once no more than a headline to you will become your trying cause. You will come prepared to debate, challenge, and persuade your fellow delegates of your opinions. You will learn to listen, consider, and compromise. To succeed, you will need to collaborate with and challenge your fellow delegates while staying true to your country's views. This will require research and examination of your committee's topics, your country's position, the structure of the United Nations, and Model UN procedure. The more time you devote to your preparation, the more successful and convincing you will be as a delegate.


    At YUNMUN you will have the privilege of joining an unparalleled group of Jewish students who are eager to expand their minds and confront major global issues. The people around you will challenge you in the arena of debate and diplomacy, and engage you in intellectual dialogue on topics that reach far beyond classroom walls. You will enter into a network of diverse students from all around the globe who share a passion for improving the world. The UN charter calls "[for the promotion of] social progress," which requires ingenuity, tolerance, and respect. As a delegate, you will reflect and uphold these vital traits. In doing so, you will elevate this unique community.


    Perhaps above all, you will learn the significant role you play as a citizen of the world. You will tackle real world issues and discover what goes into developing solutions on the international stage. Today, people can communicate instantly across the globe, making the world stage more accessible to everyone.

     The ability to change the world is at your fingertips. We have seen individuals use social media to start revolutions and topple regimes. We have seen individuals build weapons that can wipe out entire nations. We have has seen individuals fly across the world to bring relief to people in dire need. We have has seen man walk on the moon. We, as individuals, have more power than ever. You have the power to make a real impact on the world.


    It is my hope that you leave this year's YUNMUN with new friends, new perspectives, and new dreams for the future. You have the tremendous power and responsibility to help improve and elevate the world, and I look forward to seeing you take advantage of that opportunity.

    We at Yeshiva University are anticipating an excellent conference and look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions or comments regarding the conference, please email me at YUNMUN2016@gmail.com. I'd be happy to hear from you!
    Good luck, and see you in a few months!


    Danielle Orenshein
    Secretary General, YUNMUN XXVI


Yeshiva University
500 West 185th Street
New York, NY 10033

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