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    Started in the academic year 2012–2013, the Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MQE) at Yeshiva University is open to graduates in economics and related fields, or mathematics and related fields (four-year bachelor's degree or equivalent). The MQE is offered by the Department of Economics at Yeshiva University and is part of the new Graduate Programs in Arts and Sciences at YU. The department has been undergoing a transformation that stresses the importance of research both in its own right and as complementary to high-quality teaching. With a Yeshiva University-unique, financially sustainable and visionary working model in mind, we built our strength as a research group and opened the MQE to train students for analytical or research-based careers in economics and finance.

    Attention: we accept applications for the 2016–2017 academic year starting December 1, 2015. Application deadlines are February 1 (early admission) and April 25, 2016.

    A Comprehensive, Rigorous Program

    The MQE is a pre-experience, 12-month long program that covers subjects and topics fundamental to students who want a career in analytically-minded positions in the private or public sector. The Manhattan location allows proximity to a variety of businesses and government organizations where economics is a useful trade tool for a variety of jobs. The MQE is also a valuable degree to continue studies onto a PhD program.

    Yeshiva University offers high-quality courses to small sets of students, which allow better interaction with faculty. Students in the MQE will receive rigorous training in micro, macro and financial economics. Students will also get training in statistical and computational aspects of economics, with applications to fields such as macro-labor economics, public finance, monetary policy, financial economics and market design. Courses refer to textbooks or to lecture notes, describing the content of the lectures and specifically designed for the course. Classes may be supplemented with material available online. Econometrics classes are complemented with hands-on lab sessions.

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