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    About YUSetup

    ITS understands that connecting to a secured Wi-Fi network, like YUWireless, involves some complex configurations of wireless devices. To help balance usability with security ITS is introducing YUSetup. YUSetup provides an automatic configuration tool called XpressConnect, as well as information and documentation to assist with device configuration and troubleshooting. Please see FAQ below for more information.



    What is YUSetup?
    How do I access YUSetup?
    Why should I use YUSetup?
    What is XpressConnect?
    How do I access and use XpressConnect?


    What is YUSetup?

    YUSetup is a resource dedicated to helping users configure their Wi-Fi devices for YUWireless. In addition, YUSetup serves as a source for information and documentation related to Yeshiva University’s Wi-Fi networks.


    How do I access YUSetup?

    YUSetup may be accessed in two ways.

    1. If you are already connected to the University’s network simply point your web browser to http://yusetup.yu.edu
    2. From your Wi-Fi enabled device connect to the network called 'YUSetup'. Once connected simply open a web browser. You will be redirected to the YUSetup portal page.
    3. On the YUSetup portal page, click on the 'Connect Me to YUWireless' button.
    4. This will open the XpressConnect configuration wizard.  Follow the steps on the wizard to join your device to the YUWireless network.  You will need your YUAD username and password to complete the wizard successfully.





    Why should I use YUSetup?

    YUSetup provides the following:

    • auto-configuration tool (XpressConnect) - makes connecting to YUWireless simpler
    • assurance that your device is configured properly
    • access to Wi-Fi resources such as documentation and FAQs
    • up to date information about the University’s Wi-Fi networks


    What is XpressConnect?

    XpressConnect is an auto-configuration tool designed to help users configure their Wi-Fi enabled devices for use with WPA2-Enterprise secure wireless networks like YUWireless.


    How do I access and use XpressConnect?

    Running XpressConnect is a one-time process. From the YUSetup homepage simply click ‘Connect me to YUWireless’ to begin the configuration wizard. XpressConnect will then walk you through the process and connect your device to the secure network YUWireless.

    *Please Note: As part of this process you'll need your University supplied Username and Password.

    XpressConnect supports a wide range of operating systems.


    If there are any issues or concerns, please report them to the ITS Help Desk at #6123 from any University phone, or helpdesk@yu.edu.


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