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    ChampionsGate VII Program Highlights

    Once again, ChampionsGate convened 400 leaders from nearly 100 communities across North America, representing a core cadre of prominent and prolific thinkers and doers in the Jewish community. In its seventh year, ChampionsGate focused on the theme of “Shmittah: Reflection, Celebration, Renewal.” 

    From the opening plenary to leadership forums and an uplifting Shabbat experience, the program was designed to reflect on the challenges of leadership, celebrate our past accomplishments and successes, and emerge with a renewed sense of commitment to our mission as community leaders. 

    New Venue

    Much of what ChampionsGate has become over the past six years is due to Yeshiva University Trustee Ira and Mindy Mitzner’s commitment, partnership and vision. We continued to benefit from their generosity as the conference moved to a new and magnificent facility, the Hilton Orlando. This new venue helped craft a sacred space for creativity, networking, shared learning and spirituality that participants experienced together.

    Opening Plenary with Dr. Tal Ben Shahar

    Opening with the theme of renewal and rejuvenation, this interactive plenary featured Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, an internationally renowned expert in the fields of positive psychology and leadership. Ben-Shahar, author of two best-sellers and former professor of the largest course at Harvard University, set the tone for the conference, focusing on issues including strengths-based leadership, stress management and the science of happiness.

    Leadership Forums, Workshops and Personal Consultations

    Building on the energy and momentum from the opening plenary, leadership forums addressed key topics including Work-Life Balance, Board Renewal, Recalibrating Your Organization and Inspiring Change. Additional learning was available through workshops and consultations, including topics such as Trends in Philanthropy, Jewish Personnel Searches and Financial Sustainability of Our Organizations.

    Exciting Speakers

    Top Yeshiva University scholars and teachers headlined the conference, informing and educating while giving a complete picture of the remarkable institution that is Yeshiva University. Presenters included President Richard M. Joel, Rabbi Saul Berman, Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dr. David Pelcovitz, Mrs. Nechama Price, Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, Dr. David Shatz, Rabbi Eli Baruch Shulman and Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik.


    A hallmark of ChampionsGate, Shabbat provided the opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation through Torah classes, inspirational tefillot and singing with Chazzan Shimon Craimer and members of the YU Maccabeats and YSTUD A-Cappella Groups.


    In addition to sessions, meals, learning times, uniquely inspiring Shabbat experience, continuing legal education seminars and so much more, we also had the opportunity to network with participants and conference presenters, anywhere from the dining room to the lazy river. These invaluable interactions created and strengthened collaborative partnerships that uniquely define our ChampionsGate community of community leaders.

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