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    Torah Umadda—"Torah and secular knowledge"—is the philosophy that underpins everything we do at Yeshiva University. In the words of YU President Richard M. Joel, Torah Umadda empowers you to "skillfully navigate the sea of madda with the compass of Torah."

    As a student at Yeshiva University, how does Torah Umadda apply to you? Torah Umadda means that you never need to choose between the nobility of Jewish living and the highest levels of achievement in your academic, extracurricular and professional pursuits.

    While other universities offer top-flight liberal arts, business and science programs, and other yeshivot provide a strong foundation in Jewish studies, only at YU can you experience both. Yeshiva University champions the pursuit of secular scholarship alongside rigorous examination of Torah. No other institution so thoroughly embraces this powerful integration of mind and spirit. If this is what you value, there is no other place for you.

    By the time you graduate from YU, you will receive the equivalent of two complete undergraduate educations. Your efforts will be rewarded through growth in Torah knowledge, worldview and character. Most important, a Yeshiva University education allows and encourages you to strive for profound personal growth while leading an ethical and moral life. The ancient and the contemporary—they all come together at YU.

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