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    PHI 1010 or 1010H Philosophy and Propositional Logic
    3 credits

    Truth, semantic paradoxes, conditionals and probability, possible worlds, vagueness, logical consequence, and other crucial topics in philosophy.

    PHI 1011 Introduction to Philosophy I
    3 credits

    Introduction to the problems of ethics, political and social philosophy, philosophy of religion, and aesthetics.

    PHI 1012 Introduction to Philosophy II
    3 credits

    Introduction to the problems of meta-physics, epistemology, and philosophy of science.

    PHI 1100 Logic
    3 credits

    Introduction to formal logic.

    PHI 1130 Symbolic Logic
    3 credits

    Advanced logic. Topics are selected from the following: 1) soundness and completeness proofs; 2) meticulous examination of Godel’s proof of his first incompleteness theorem; 3) modal logic; and 4) axiomatic set theory.
    Prerequisite: PHI 1100.

    PHI 1220 Philosophy of Language
    3 credits

    Theories of meaning, reference, and truth.

    PHI 1320 Theories of the Mind
    3 credits

    Examination of rival conceptions of mind and self, and of differing explanatory models for human behavior.

    PHI 1360 Theory of Knowledge
    3 credits

    Concepts of sense perception, memory, knowledge, and belief; principle of verifiability and problems of induction. Emphasis on contemporary views. Prerequisite: one semester of PHI.

    PHI 1400 Philosophy of Science
    3 credits

    Fundamental conceptions of the empirical and mathematical sciences, such as explanation, law, theory, space, determinism, and reduction. Prerequisite: one semester of PHI or one year of science or mathematics.

    PHI 1550 Metaphysics
    3 credits

    Current metaphysical problems, with topics to be selected from the following: nature of metaphysical reasoning, problems of language and reference, mind-body problem, determinism and free will, causality, personal survival, and the philosophical concept of God.
    Prerequisite: one semester of PHI.

    PHI 1600 Ethics
    3 credits

    Fundamental moral problems such as the place of pleasure and happiness in the moral life, and the relation between individual interests and social obligations. Readings from classical and contemporary works.

    PHI 1800 Philosophy of Art
    3 credits

    PHI 1932H Freshman Honors Seminar II: Modernity
    3 credits

    PHI 2170 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
    3 credits

    From the pre-Socratics to Thomas Aquinas, with emphasis on Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Boethius, and Aquinas.

    PHI 2420 Modern Philosophy
    3 credits

    Continental rationalism and British empiricism, from Descartes to Hume.

    PHI 2560 Philosophy in the 19th and 20th Centuries
    3 credits

    The chief contributions of Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, James, Russell, Ayer, and Wittgenstein.

    PHI 2640 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
    3 credits

    Philosophical analysis, logical positivism, and ordinary language philosophy; representative selections from Russell, Moore, Wittgenstein, Ryle, Ayer, and J. L. Austin. Prerequisite: one semester of PHI

    PHI 2650 Phenomenology and Existentialism
    3 credits

    Critical examination of these two related movements, with special attention to the works of Husserl, Heidegger, and Sartre.

    PHI 3200 Classical Political Philosophy
    3 credits

    Theories of great political philosophers from Plato to Hegel; analysis of various interpretations of history, the nature of man, justice, liberty, and authority. (Not open to students who have taken POL 1801.)
    Prerequisite: one semester of PHI or POL 1001 or 1040.

    PHI 3402 Philosophy of Law
    3 credits

    Fundamental questions about the nature and scope of law, grounds for legal obligation, and the justification of particular jural practices, such as punishment.

    PHI 4901 Independent Study

    PHI 4911 Guided Project
    Meet with the Yeshiva College academic dean.

    PHI 4930 Selected Topics
    3 credits

    Special topics, issues, and movements in philosophy.
    Prerequisites: one semester of PHI and permission of the instructor.

    PHI 4931 or 4932 Seminar
    3 credits

    Intensive analysis of a philosopher, a philosophic concept, or a philosophic movement.
    Prerequisites: one semester of PHI and permission of the instructor.

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