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    MAN 1001 Business in a Global Environment (Cross-listed with BUS/ENT 1001)

    Develops an integrated concept of issues affecting contemporary business environments. The relationship between integrated functional business operations and competitive success factors as well as monitoring measurements of organizational performance are discussed. Effective managers of the 21st century must understand a wide range of technical and social inter-relationships to be successful in the global marketplace. They must be able to integrate these relationships with the expense, performance, and time constraints of his or her area of responsibility.  Course can be taken during the first or second semester of study only.  

    MAN 1020 Principles of Management

    Focuses on the development of the skills and knowledge required for successful managerial performance in today's global environment. With an emphasis on self-assessment and application, this course provides an in-depth examination and practice of the core managerial competencies. Topics covered include problem solving, communication, empowerment, and motivation, managing conflict, power and influence and performance improvement. Students will gain analytical and behavioral tools that will equip them to work in complex global work environments.

    MAN 2110 Organizational Behavior 

    Students develop an understanding and appreciation of the complexities of balancing organizational goals with human needs. Covers classical behavior, social systems, management science, and empirical theories of organization, as well as role theory, group dynamics, motivation, leadership, decision making, and communications. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020.

    MAN 2370 Human Resources

    Exploration of human resources management as a facilitator of the effective use of personnel to achieve corporate objectives. Covers the link between human resources management and strategic planning, employee recruitment, development, and impact of equal opportunity employment programs; human resources forecasting, training programs, performance evaluation, direct and indirect compensation, and comparable worth. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020.

    MAN 2380 Total Rewards

    Provides a conceptual framework for understanding total rewards, investigating the diverse compensation policies and practices designed to attract, retain, and motivate employees in today’s complex global marketplace. A key focus is to understand how total rewards is used as a competitive weapon… how pay policies, research and practices link to profitability, and how it can be targeted towards achieving organizational objectives. Students will gain an understanding of the "right from the wrong" in the context of total rewards management, based upon the differences in norms, values, ethics, religious beliefs, business practices and government regulations that impact HR decisions in the U.S, and in different parts of the world. This will include an examination of compensation issues that are being hotly debated in society today. Prerequisite: MAN 1020

    MAN 2510 Turnaround Business Strategy (Cross-listed with ENT 2510)

    A turnaround situation refers to those companies whose financial performance indicates that the company will fail in the foreseeable future unless short-term corrective action is taken. Addresses key ingredients that characterize a successful turnaround, and describes what turnaround practitioners need to do to rescue a distressed company. Course content includes crisis stabilization, stakeholder management, strategic focus and more. Added focus will be on the Organizational Behavior side of the firm - - the people issues the organization faces.  Additionally it will describe how leadership is provided by turnaround practitioners throughout the turnaround process. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020 IDS 1131

    MAN 2550 Business Intelligence and Consumers Insights (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR/IDS 2550) 

    Data mining is a powerful new technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in the data they have collected about the behavior of their customers and potential customers. It discovers information within the data that queries and reports can't effectively reveal. This course explains what data mining is, how it can be used, and how it can help a company leapfrog its competition. Internet based applications such as social media, website usage, tracking and online reviews as well as a firm’s own activities and business processes, are discussed as potential sources of data. Prerequisite: MAR 1001, IDS 1020, IDS 1131

    MAN 2621 Applied Marketing/Management Research (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR 2621)

    Provides students with both research and managerial perspectives in the development and application of marketing research tools and procedures. It describes the development of research designs from problem formulation to analysis and submission of the research report. It also covers the analysis of techniques in marketing research, such as focus groups, experimental design, surveys, sampling, statistical analysis, and reporting. Cases are utilized in the development of methods and in specific areas of application. SPSS or an equivalent statistical software is used. Prerequisite: MAR 1001 (or MAN 1020), IDS1131 

    MAN 2711 Venture Capital, Financing & Investments (Cross listed with FIN 2711)

    Past, current and future state of venture capital. Presents the fundamentals of entrepreneurship while maintaining a strong emphasis on the current state of affairs. Active participation by guest speakers who are prosperous entrepreneurs. Students gain information not found in any textbook to apply to the successful operation of their own businesses. Prerequisite: FIN 1001, IDS 1131.

    MAN 2941 Sports Marketing Management (Cross listed with ENT/MAR 2941)

    Provides an overview of sports marketing as a component of a fully integrated marketing communication strategy. Students study the history and contemporary application of sports marketing as a method to achieve goals. The curriculum addresses corporate as well as sporting property use of sports marketing strategies to achieve business objectives. The course examines strategies that address critical business constituencies, consumers, trade factors, employees, and the financial community. Also covered are sports marketing within the context of special sporting event sponsorships, professional sports teams as well as governing organizations, sports media (broadcast, print, and Internet), licensing, and hospitality. Prerequisite: MAR 1001. 

    MAN 2943 Principles of Real Estate (Cross-listed with REA 2943)

    Provides an overview of the field of real estate and prepares the student for the New York State Real Estate Salesperson examination. Topics include license law and regulations, law of agency, real estate instruments, estates and interests, real estate financing, land use regulations, introduction to construction, appraisal, human rights, fair housing, real estate mathematics, and environmental issues. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020, FIN 1001, IDS 1131.

    MAN 3015 Leadership in the 21st Century

    Develops leadership competencies and goals. Theories and concepts of leadership and their application in practice are explored. Attention is given to identifying personal leadership styles and skills, and learning how to adapt and use them. Topics include behaviors of effective leaders, the use of vision, power and influence strategies, dealing with multiple stakeholders, organizational politics, and ethics. Prerequisites: BUS 1001, MAN 1020.

    MAN 3316 Social Entrepreneurship (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR 3316)  

    Social entrepreneurship is a business field in which business and nonprofit leaders design, grow, and lead mission-driven enterprises. . Elements of: social science, business, law, management theory, knowledge from practice, and features of private and public entities will be discussed.  Hybrid business models that serve both social needs and financial needs, and new tools for measuring social impact and change will be covered. Prerequisite: MAR 1001, MAN 1020

    MAN 3318 Social Media Marketing (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR 3318) 

    Discusses the development of a social media strategy and defines what social media is. Social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, Google, etc. are explored and their application and usability in business are examined. The course discusses the process of developing a marketing plan using social media and also presents measurement techniques for the effectiveness of social media and their ROI using a number of metrics. Prerequisite: MAR 1001

    MAN 3323 Creative Advertising (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR 3323)  

    Explores the relationships between advertising, conceptual thinking, writing, teamwork and design. It utilizes all media including television, print, radio, posters, viral, digital, guerrilla and ambient. Focuses on generating engaging and effective communication and provides a glimpse into a career in advertising and its associated areas. Prerequisite: MAR 1001, MAR 3313

    MAN 3500 Fashion Fundamentals (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR 3500)  

    Introduces the terminology and principles necessary to be successful in the fashion business through a dynamic lecture and workshop-based format. Students study fashion classifications, garment detail and construction, sources of fashion information, and the modern history of fashion. Students will learn the scope and global nature of the fashion business through the use of industry research, case studies and hands-on projects. 

    MAN 3501 Israeli Business Environment (Cross listed with ENT 3501)

    Introduction to high tech, venture capital in Israel; overview of the Israeli economy, its accounting, business and tax laws, entrepreneurial environment, cultural issues; investing in Israeli start-ups; leading corporations in Israel; job market in Israel. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020; MAR 1001.

    MAN 3502 Creative and Innovative Product Development (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR 3502)  

    A key element of successful business enterprise is good design. In the world of fashion, CoCo Chanel revolutionized the industry with her innovative design elements. Apple has become one of the world’s most admired companies because its corporate executives place a premium on beauty and functionality of product design. This course provides an understanding of the product design process and its importance in the business world.  Students will learn how to develop the ability to think more creatively about marketplace challenges. This course is targeted to students who want to discover and improve upon their innovative and creative skills in the business environment. Prerequisites: MAR 1001 or MAN 1020 or MAN/MAR/ENT 3500.

    MAN 3601 International Business
    The environment of international business. Problems, policies, and operations of multinational corporations, with a focus on global logistics and production planning, alternative forms of ownership, and methods of control. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020, MAR 1001.

    MAN 3605 Cross Cultural Aspects of International Business

    Provides students with an understanding of the process of cross-cultural management and the challenges that they face while working internationally. Effective training and exposure to cultural differences around the world can help people learn to successfully manage the ever culturally diversified workforce domestically and overseas. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020, MAR 1001.

    MAN 3710 Management of Non-Profit Enterprises

    Examines the leadership issues unique to nonprofit organizations from the perspective of the volunteer board of directors, the chief executive officer, and his or her staff. Nonprofit institutions are growing rapidly. They include educational, research, health care, art, cultural, religious, social and welfare services, advocacy, legal services, international assistance, foundations, and mutual benefit professional and trade associations. The course explores the leadership skills, organizational attributes, accountability, and ethical demands of the nonprofit sector. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020.

    MAN 3720 Business Strategy

    Capstone course required and management majors: integrates SSSB courses; defines and analyzes the formulation and implementation of corporate objectives and strategies; uses cases and/or computer simulations to develop policy skills. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020, MAR 1001, IDS 1131 and upper-class status at Sy Syms.   

    MAN 3780 Principles of Entrepreneurship (Cross-listed with ENT 3780)

    New venture initiation and development; the practical approach to developing and implementing procedures and techniques for starting an enterprise. Class discussions based on readings and case studies. Prerequisite: MAN 1020, MAR 1001, IDS 1131, FIN 1001

    MAN 3790 Managing a Growing Business (Cross-listed with ENT 3790, MAR 3790, ACC 3790)

    Students will learn how to manage and enhance an existing growth business organization, while addressing topics such as: accounting, supply chain management, marketing, management & general business issues. This course provides the unique opportunity to work on real business problems and be part of a consulting team. At the end of the course, students should be able to develop a business plan and provide specific solutions to the business client. Students will hone their business leadership and technical proficiency via interactive lectures, operations exam and analysis, and critical thinking leading to recommendations, reports and presentations. Pre-requisite: MAR 1001, MAN 1020, IDS 1020, ACC 1001, FIN 1001.

    MAN 3796 Franchising and Licensing (Cross-listed with ENT/MAR 3796)

    Essential elements of franchising from the viewpoint of both franchiser and franchisee. Explores franchising opportunities and their planning and implementation. Discussion of licensing and distributorship as viable business ventures. Prerequisite: BUS 1001, MAN 1020, MAR 1001

     MAN 4001 Principles of Success (Cross-listed with ENT 4001) 

     We all have different interests and goals in life. However we all share the desire to succeed in what we set ourselves to accomplish. Regardless of the path we choose to accomplish our goals, spirituality in one’s pursuit of life success always plays a role. By developing critical thinking and decision making skills students learn how to make a decision in a systematic way; develop effective written and oral communication skills; and understand how to achieve success in multiple areas of life, even if such areas appear mutually exclusive.  

    MAN 4931 Seminar: Contemporary Problems in Business (Cross-listed with ENT 4931)

    Today's business environment requires imaginative leadership to deal with the turbulent global marketplace. Top executives from leading multinational corporations present a general overview and discuss the corporate culture of their organizations, outline the competitive climate in their industries, and share their view

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