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    Information and Decision Sciences (IDS) at Sy Syms School of Business offers courses that are a crucial part of the undergraduate business education experience.

    An understanding of why and how information technology is driving changes in markets and businesses is essential for every business student. Many of the strategic and routine decisions that firms face involve information technology.

    Through knowledge of operations management and related statistical and quantitative methods, firms are able to gain competitive advantage in several ways including creating cost leadership and providing flexible response to customer needs.

    The more that our students are taught about systems that firms use along with obtaining problem solving techniques, the better they will be equipped to

    • Design the firm's goods and services
    • Market the firm's goods and services
    • Finance the firm's activities, and
    • Manage the firm's activities

    The IDS department offers courses in information systems that include topics such as design of systems along with their implementation, database management as well as economics of information systems. It also offers courses in decision sciences that include topics such as operations management, statistical and quantitative analysis, and management science, along with their applications to business.

    For more information, please contact Dr. Avi Giloni, area head—Information and Decision Sciences, at agiloni@yu.edu.

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