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  • Consider the advantages of increasing your income and decreasing your taxes, while also helping Yeshiva University:

    • Increase lifetime annual cash to you or your beneficiaries,
    • Obtain a significant charitable income tax deduction,
    • Leave a gift to Yeshiva University after the lives of you or your beneficiaries,
    • Avoid paying capital gains tax, and
    • Remove assets from your taxable estate.

    The benefits to you of a Life Income Trust can be quite impressive. For example, assume that a 65-year-old contributes $100,000 of stock that he purchased for only $10,000 to a Yeshiva University Life Income Trust. Also assume that he requested that he receive an annuity each year from the trust of 5 percent, or $5,000. He would obtain a charitable income tax deduction of up to approximately $50,000. He would also increase his annual income from zero (since his stock was not producing any dividends) to $5,000. Over a projected lifetime of 20 years, he would receive $100,000 extra income. Best of all, after his lifetime, a wonderful endowment in his name would be given to Yeshiva University.

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