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    The Yeshiva Student Union ("YSU") is the presiding body of student government, representing every student at Yeshiva University. The YSU board plans and implements school-wide events and promotes and enables club activities. The YSU board members serve as advocates for the entire undergraduate student body. In a university with a diverse student body, the YSU board aims to serve all groups within Yeshiva University fairly. In addition, the YSU board serves the various other boards on campus, maintaining open lines of communication and encouraging cooperation within the Student Council. The YSU board, along with the Student Council, acts as a liaison to the university administration. The goal of YSU is to infuse the Yeshiva University experience with enthusiasm and excitement, creating a vibrant and fun environment for all students.


    Jacob Herenstein, President ysupres@gmail.com 
    Aryeh Minsky, Vice President of Classes
    Raffi Wiesen, Vice President of Clubs

    Joshua Deutsch, Junior Class Rep
    Max Hoffman, Senior Class Rep

    SLC Co-Chair's - Aryeh Minsky & Daniel Geller

  • Clubs
    Student Life Committee
    Email us at: wilf.slc@gmail.com

    Senior Co-Chair / International Office: Ariel Ancer 
    Junior Co-Chair: Ari Hagler

    Athletics: Isaac Griner
    Career Center and Counseling Center: Steven Kohane
    CPA/Events Offices: Aryeh Minsky
    Dining Services and SLC Secretary: Shalom Wilner
    Facilities: Joey Jubas
    Housing/Productions: Daniel Geller
    ITS/Academic Computing: Matan Horenstein
    Library: Efraim Benscher
    Registrar's Office: Elie Lipnik
    Security: Jacob Herenstein


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