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    Chaim Nissel, PsyD
    University Dean of Students
    Yeshiva University
    2501 Amsterdam Avenue- Rubin Hall 110
    New York, NY 10033

  • Academic Support

    Carolyn Rubin, MSEd
    Associate Director—Wilf
    Phone: 646.685.0109
    E-mail: academicsupport.wilf@yu.edu

    Daphne Herskowitz, MSEd
    Learning Specialist
    Phone: 646.685.0110
    E-mail: academicsupport.wilf@yu.edu


    Joe Bednarsh
    Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
    Phone: 212.960.0015
    E-mail: jbednrsh@yu.edu

    John Czarencki
    Assistant Director - Wilf
    Phone: 212.960.0042
    E-mail: czarneck@yu.edu

    Christine Serdjenian 
    Assistant Director- Beren
    Phone: 212.340.7727
    E-mail: serdjeni@yu.edu

    Logan Mauzy
    Assistant Director - Wilf
    Phone: 212.960.5291
    E-mail: mauzy@yu.edu

    Heather Linnell
    Head Women's Athletic Trainer
    Phone: 212.340.7891

    David Wright
    Head Men's Athletic Trainer
    Phone: 212.960.5267
    E-mail: dwright@yu.edu

    Debra Soto
    Department Secretary
    Phone: 212.960.5211
    E-mail: soto@yu.edu

    Counseling Center

    Chaim Nissel, PsyD
    Director—Manhattan Campus
    Phone: 646.685.0115

    Yael Muskat, PsyD
    Associate Director—Beren Campus
    Phone: 917.326.4942
    E-mail: ymuskat@yu.edu

    Dr. Efrem Nulman
    Director of Health and Substance Use
    Phone: 646.685.0112
    E-mail: nulman@yu.edu

    Rochelle Ausubel, PhD
    Supervising Psychologist—Manhattan Campuses
    Phone: 917.326.4942
    E-mail: rausubel@yu.edu

    Diana Byshovets
    Beren Campus Executive Secretary
    Phone: 917.326.4942
    E-mail: koleit@yu.edu

    Martin Galla, LCSW
    Counselor—Wilf Campus
    Phone: 646.685.0112
    E-mail: galla@yu.edu

    Hillel Grossman, MD
    Psychiatrist—Wilf Campus
    Phone: 646.685.0112

    Risa Koren, MD
    E-mail: rkoren@yu.edu

    Judith E. Lopez
    Wilf Campus Executive Secretary
    Phone: 646.685.0112
    E-mail: jlopez@yu.edu

    Disability Services

    Rochelle Kohn, PhD, CRC
    Director—Manhattan Campuses
    Phone: 646.592.4132
    E-mail: rkohn1@yu.edu

    Abigail Kelsen, LMSW, LCSW
    Assistant Director—Manhattan Campuses
    Phone: 646.685.0118
    E-mail: akelsen@yu.edu

    International Students and Scholars

    Elaine Thompson
    Phone: 212.960.5480
    E-mail: ethompso@yu.edu

    Marga Marx
    Advisor—Beren Campus
    Phone: 646.592.4130
    E-mail: mmarx@yu.edu

    Madrichot Ruchaniot
    Beren Campus
    Phone: 646.592.4125

    Shira Siev Schechter
    Mondays 7pm-10pm
    E-mail: sschech1@yu.edu

    Malka Schenker
    Tuesdays 8pm-11pm
    E-mail: melissa.schenker@yu.edu

    Regine Tessone
    Wednesdays 7pm-10pm
    E-mail: rtessone@yu.edu

    Mashgichim Ruchaniim

    Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg
    Beren Campus—Stanton Hall Rm. 623
    Mondays: 12pm-5pm
    Wednesdays: 2pm-9pm (Except "E" Slot)
    Phone: 212.340.7736
    E-mail: shlomoje@aol.com

    Rabbi Yosef Blau
    Beren Campus—Stanton Hall Rm. 104
    Tuesdays: 8am-12:30pm
    Wednesdays: 2pm-6pm
    Phone: 212.340.7700 x 586
    E-mail: yoblau@yu.edu

    Office of Student Affairs

    Wilf Campus
    Phone: 212.960.5330
    Fax: 212.960.5482

    Cheryl Johnson
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: 212.960.5480
    E-mail: cjohnso1@yu.edu

    Beren Campus
    Phone: 646.592.4125
    Fax: 212.340.7773

    Betty Kam
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: 646.592.4127
    E-mail: pkam@yu.edu

    Office of Student Life

    Beren Campus: 215 Lexington Avenue, 5th Floor. 646-592-4125

    Wilf Campus: Rubin Hall, Room 106. 212-960-5411 

    Marc Spear 
    Senior Director 
    Phone: 212-960-5400 x6550 
    Wilf Campus
    Linda Stone 
    Administrative Manager 
    Phone: 212-960-5400 x5843 
    Hezzy Jesin, MSW  
    Wilf Campus Director 
    Phone: 212-960-5400 x 6169 
    Tani Cohn 
    Program Administrator 
    Phone: 212-960-5400 x6607 
    Email: tcohn@yu.edu  
    Beren Campus 
    Rachel Ciment
    Beren Campus Director
    Phone: 646-592-4126
    Email: rciment@yu.edu
    Tami Adelson 
    Beren Campus Events Coordinator 
    Phone: 646-592-4129 
    Adina Poupko  
    Beren Campus Program Manager 
    Phone: 646-592-4145 



    Office of University Housing and Residence Life

    Beren Campus
    Phone: 212.340.7795
    E-mail: berenhousing@yu.edu

    Rachel Kraut, LMSW
    Phone: 212.340.7795
    E-mail: rkraut@yu.edu

    Wilf Campus
    2525 Amstedam Ave. #104
    Fax: 212.960.0002

    Jonathan Mantell, MSW
    Phone: 212.960.5249
    E-mail: jmantell@yu.edu

    Sean Hirschhorn, MSW
    Assistant Director
    Phone: 212.960.5249
    E-mail: shirschh@yu.edu

    Sonia Villar
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: 212.960.5249
    E-mail: svillar@yu.edu

    Student Health Center

    Beren Campus
    Mary Little, RPAC
    Physician Assistant
    Phone: 212.340.7792
    E-mail: little@yu.edu

Yeshiva University
500 West 185th Street
New York, NY 10033

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