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    The Department of Biology at Stern College for Women offers a broad liberal arts education, providing students with an understanding of the biotic world, from molecules and cells through organisms and ecosystems. A wide range of courses cover the fundamentals of modern biology, as well as cutting-edge areas of molecular biology and biomedical research.

    Faculty have on-campus research laboratories and involve the undergraduates in their projects. Faculty members publish their research in scientific peer-reviewed journals, frequently listing their undergraduate research interns as co-authors. The quality of science training at Stern College for Women has made our students highly competitive for external summer undergraduate research internships in industry, universities and medical institutions.

    Course work and research opportunities develop students analytical and experimental skills, enabling them to continue their study of science at advanced levels of graduate and professional education. Students majoring in biology pursue careers in medicine, dentistry and optometry, as well as in a spectrum of other health-related professions, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, nutrition and genetic counseling.

    Other students continue their graduate education in public health, biotechnology and basic and applied biomedical research.

    For further information, please contact Dr. Harvey Babich, babich@yu.edu.

    Derech Hateva

    Derech HaTeva, Journal of Torah and Science is a publication of the undergraduate students of Stern College for Women that synthesizes Torah and scientific knowledge and thus represents the unique intellectual strengths and talents of our students. This journal is cataloged in the National Library of Congress.

    Derech HaTeva is distributed nationally and internationally and has received much praise. You can download Derech HaTeva, Volume 18 (PDF).

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