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  • Fifth Year Scholarship Program

    Special Funding Program: Overview

    The goal of the program is to ease the financial burden of a fourth year on campus after Israel in a way that encourages planning for the best use of four full years on campus. Students who are not already receiving a full-tuition scholarship will receive additional funds, with all eligible students brought up to the level of at least half-tuition scholarships.


    Students should complete a Four Years on Campus Plan preferably during their first, but no later than the middle of their second semester on campus and submit it to their academic advisor.

    Students who complete one or more semesters on campus before going to Israel are eligible to apply for the scholarship during their first semester back on campus after Israel. The pre-Israel semesters count toward the four years on campus.

    The plan may be approved based on the written material, or the student may be invited in for further discussion. Students who have not yet declared a major, must include in the plan a date by which the major will be declared. This is consistent with the University's goal to strengthen the process of declaring majors in a timely manner.

    Eligibility - Special Cases
    • Transfer students who have a year or more of study in Israel plus no more than 32 credits granted from previous college/university courses (not including AP) are eligible for the program if they wish to lengthen their educational experience at YU. The scholarship would be for a fourth year of enrollment at Yeshiva University on campus in New York.
    • If a student is put on academic probation or is found to have violated University rules concerning behavior or academic integrity, eligibility for the program is rescinded. A process will be announced whereby such students who are subsequently back in good standing can apply to be reinstated.
    • Students who are on probation at the end of their third year on campus are not eligible for the scholarship.
    Administrative Notes
    • A copy of the plan will be maintained in the Registrar's Office.
    • Students who vary from the plan are encouraged to discuss the revisions with their academic advisor. However, it is not required that the changes be re-evaluated.

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