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  • ITS Supports managed printing in the YU Computer Labs and Libraries.  The print management software used by YU is known as OCS.  When you print a file from a computer, you will be asked to log into the OCS print management software with your printing account.  The file is then sent out to the printing system.  You can retrieve the print job by logging into an OCS print release station and sending the job to the printer closest to it.  As a student you are provided with a free balance of pages.  When that free balance runs out you can add value to the account at an OCS add value station to purchase more pages.  You can also print to the OCS system from your notebook computer wirelessly after installing the OCS software and configuring your computer to meet OCS’s requirements.  Policies and procedures vary slightly between campuses.

    Printing policies:

    Wilf and Beren

    Wireless Printing Configuration Instructions:

    Wilf and Beren


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