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     Stephanie Strauss1

    Stephanie Strauss



    After working for several years as a registered nurse at a NJ hospital, Stephanie moved to Israel with her family and joined the SDA Israel program staff in early 2005. Working as an Israel adviser for the women’s schools, Stephanie connected with students on the Israel program, and implemented new programs and initiatives as part of the services offered by the YU Israel Program. Since June 2011, Stephanie has assumed responsibility for the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program, taking it into the current recruitment season and bringing renewed energy and a new perspective on recruitment and services. Together with her staff of six, Stephanie and the team dedicate themselves to building relationships with students and schools on the program, to collaborating with the NY admissions team, and improving the already outstanding mission and work of YU in Israel.


      Josh Frohlich 

    Rabbi Josh Frohlich, MSW

    Associate Director


    Josh was already part of the YU family as a young teenager when he spent his high school years at MTA. After learning in Ohr Yerushalayim for a year and a half, Josh returned to YU and earned his B.A. in Economics. Upon graduation, Josh learned in Rav Schachter’s Kollel for two years and then made Aliya to Eretz Yisroel and spent another three years learning in the Gruss Kollel. During that time, Josh received Semicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and also earned his Master of Social Work as part of Wurzweiler’s Block Program. Josh then officially joined the staff of the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program as an Israel Advisor and has continued on to his current position as Associate Director. Over the years, Josh has spearheaded multiple new initiatives on behalf of the Israel Program and has formed strong connections to many students. Most of all, Josh continues to enjoy assisting talmidim along a path of continued growth.


     Jonathan C2

    Rabbi Jonathan Cohen

    Admissions Coordinator


    Originally from West Hempstead NY, Rabbi Jonathan Cohen attended Yeshivat Shaalvim and continued his learning at Yeshiva University, where he earned a BS in Accounting from the Syms School of Business. Following graduation, Jonathan returned to Israel where he was a madrich in Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim. Before joining the Israel Program staff as an Israel adviser for the men, Jonathan made aliyah with his wife Tzivia and their children to Yeshivat Shaalvim where he served for six years as a popular Shoel u-Maishiv. Using his energetic personality to liven up the beit midrash, he developed strong relationships with many of the talmidim there and continues to inspire and aid students towards their journey to Yeshiva University. 


     Sarah Bayer

    Sarah Bayer

    Admissions Coordinator


    Sarah Bayer is originally from Los Angeles, California, and a graduate of Stern College for Women. After attending Midreshet Moriah in Jerusalem, Sarah studied Judaic Studies and Business at Yeshiva University. She spent her time on campus involved in extra-curricular programing specifically, Stern College for Women Student Council, Torah learning, and Jewish communal service. Following graduation, Sarah received her MA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Sarah made Aliyah in September 2015 and is excited to be a part of the SDA team!


    Ayala Kurlander - Hyman

    Admissions Coordinator


    Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Ayala graduated from Stern College with a BA in Art. After graduation, she made Aliyah and took up the position of madricha at Shaalvim for Women for two years. Ayala also spent some time learning at Matan in Jerusalem and has begun a Master's Degree at The Hebrew University in Non-profit Management. Before beginning this job at SDA, Ayala worked for University Housing and Residence Life at Yeshiva University as a Resident adviser and held positions at both Camp Moshava and Camp Nesher in informal education.


    Tamar Schwarzbard

    Admissions Coordinator



        Cheri Levy4

    Cheri Levy

    Student Liaison


    Cheri has held communications positions in non-profits such as the Orthodox Union and Chabad of Northern Virginia, and now for over 8 years at Yeshiva University. Cheri assists students in Israel with the transition from their year abroad to entering college life smoothly. Throughout the application and registration process Cheri can be found at the reception desk greeting all with a smile and is always ready to listen and aid students and the SDA staff with all their needs. Cheri is also the student liaison for all the current semicha students of the RIETS Israel Kollel at the Gruss Institute in Bayit Vegan.

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