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    The Performance Management Program cycle and processes serve as the tool for setting clear expectations, workforce planning, employee coaching, feedback and development.

    The Human Resources Department has developed informational and skills-oriented training programs to provide on-going support. These programs include both classroom-style workshops and convenient on-line training presentations. We also offer various tools Tips for Writing SMART Goals and FAQs to guide and assist you through the different stages of the performance management cycle.

    The links below will take you through the on-line training workshops, from a general overview to setting and writing goals. Future workshops will be available to assist you with conducting effective performance appraisal discussions.

    Program Introduction: Understanding the Performance Management Process

    This program provides an overview of Yeshiva University's Performance Management Program, including "why" performance management matters, the appraisal process, employee and management core competencies and definitions, rating criteria and next steps.

    Employees will:

    • Know about key program development activities and design decisions
    • Learn about the program's goals and its relationship to the University's success
    • Understand the various components of the program

    Program Activity and Timeline

    This module provides a step-by-step overview of the activities in the Performance Management Program and the timeframe in which they occur.

    Employees will:

    • Review the activities associated with each step in the process
    • Learn about the benchmark dates identified for each key activity

    Setting and Writing SMART goals

    This module describes the components of a SMART goal and provides guidance on how to write goals that are clear, meaningful and impactful. The module provides an example that illustrates an approach to developing a SMART goal.

    Employees will:

    • Learn the five components of a SMART goal
    • Know how to write a SMART goal
    • Learn how to translate area, department, strategic, and professional development goals into SMART goals
    • Understand how to use SMART goals as a platform to enhance communication about expectations and performance

    Understanding and Preparing for the Year-End Assessment for Individual Contributors, Professional and Support Staff

    This program will assist employees that are being rated (but do not rate other employees) to prepare for the year-end assessment, including: strategies for preparing for your review; how to write goal outcomes; understanding rating criteria; how to be an effective partner in your performance review discussion; and preparing for future skills development.

    Employees will:

    • Learn specific steps for writing effective goal outcomes
    • Learn how to formulate their own goal rating recommendations, and how rating criteria will be applied to both goal and competency performance
    • Be provided with a "things to do list" in preparing and assuming personal responsibility for their roles as active participants in their performance management discussions
    • Review strategies for identifying personal development activities

    Understanding and Preparing for the Year-End Assessment for Managers, Senior Directors and Others Responsible for Rating Staff

    This program will assist employees that are responsible for rating other staff to prepare for the year-end assessment, including writing goal outcomes, evaluating the outcomes of subordinate staff, applying rating criteria, and being an effective partner in performance review discussions from both the perspectives of a rating manager and as a rated employee.

    Employee will:

    • Learn specific steps for writing effective goal outcomes
    • Receive guidance in effectively evaluating goals and applying rating criteria to goals and competency performance
    • Be provided with specific steps in preparing for, and conducting, an effective performance management discussion
    • Review strategies for identifying development activities for both themselves as well as subordinate staff

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