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  • Advisement and Mentorship on Externship and Internship Training

    Throughout all four academic years, students in each cohort meet on a regular basis with the Director of Training for a professional seminar. This seminar focuses on helping students prepare for and navigate the processes of applying for externships and internship. Additionally, these seminars allow an opportunity to discuss any questions related to students’ clinical experiences, and many of the scheduled meetings are small supervision groups. In addition to the professional seminar, the Director of Training offers individual guidance to students in an effort to ensure that students obtain clinical opportunities at external placements that provide well-rounded and diverse training experiences.

    Academic Advisement

    Each year, students are assigned to a faculty academic advisor. Advisors change from year to year allowing students to build relationships with multiple faculty members over the course of their tenure in the program. Academic advisors help students understand the academic requirements and plan their four-year curricula, assist students through the registration process each semester, and allow students an avenue for obtaining advice, sharing feedback related to the program as well as discussing any challenges that may arise.

    Clinical Advisement (assessment and therapy)

    Students are assigned clinical and assessment supervisors who conduct two-hour lab meetings on a weekly basis with a small group of students. Labs complement the didactic training learned in courses and are aimed at reviewing and applying knowledge learned in courses. Lab supervisors provide clinical supervision as students gain knowledge and build their expertise in assessment and therapy.

    Research advisement

    During their first year, students have the opportunity to hear about faculty interests and determine their research advisor through a selection process. Beginning in the second year, students meet with their research advisors in small research labs and in one-on-one meetings. Research advisors teach the relevant and current knowledge about their particular subject matter, help students determine research questions, and advise students through the development of their doctoral research projects.

    Student Mentorship

    Each incoming student is assigned a student mentor prior to beginning the program. Student mentors welcome incoming students to the program and provide guidance as students register and engage in their coursework. While students can always engage with those students ahead of them in the program, student mentors provide a structure for tapping into the knowledge and experience of more advanced students. Senior students also offer group supervision on first year assessment labs.

    Overall Advisement and Mentorship

    The program director oversees all the mentorship and advisement conducted in the program and also meets with students one-on-one to provide overall guidance and mentorship. The program director also meets with students from each incoming class every semester in a professional seminar to provide guidance on academic advisement and obtain feedback from students. The clinical program also affords the students other opportunities to get mentorship, provide feedback, and gain experience in leadership skills.

    Class Representatives

    Class representatives (reps) are appointed by the program director and serve as the liaison between faculty and students. The class rep position affords students the opportunity to give systematic feedback, receive information and feedback from the program about issues affecting the class, and offers a channel of communication even beyond graduation. Through the class representative, students are also afforded the opportunity to participate group projects.


    The Organization of Psychology Students (OPS) is the student organization of Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Each Ferkauf student is a member of the organization and "dues," called student activity fees, are collected automatically each semester with tuition. These dues constitute the budget of OPS. The purpose of the organization is to provide Ferkauf students with information relevant to their academic and professional careers. Students in good standing also have the opportunity to be elected as OPS reps.

    Current OPS Representatives:

    Lara Friedrich

    Aliza Boim

    Teaching Assistant positions

    Students also have the opportunity to be selected as teaching assistants (TAs). There are a variety of TA positions that provide students with the opportunity to gain administrative, research, and teaching experience as well skills to become leaders and managers. These skills enable our graduates to go on to leadership positions in hospitals, universities, centers and clinics.

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