• Chag HaSemikhah 5774

  • RIETS Trustees

    Seating in Lamport Auditorium will be for ticketholders only, and parking on campus will be by reservation only. To order up to two tickets to the ceremony and a complimentary parking pass, please contact Yaakov Taubes at 646.592.3027 or jtaubes@yu.edu.

    When you arrive, please join us for a VIP reception with our honorees and the RIETS Board of Trustees. Light refreshments will be served starting at 10:30 a.m. in Morg Lounge, Room 106.

    At the appointed time, we will prepare you to enter the ceremony. As a member of the RIETS Board, you are invited to march in the procession and to sit on stage with the RIETS administration and Roshei Yeshiva.

  • Contact Us

    For question relating to the Chag, please email chag5774@yu.edu or call 646.592.4027.

    For questions relating to Semikhah requirements, please email Rabbi Chaim Bronstein at cbronste@yu.edu.

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